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I feel weird. It’s hard to describe. It’s triggery, floaty, disconnected… I’m having trouble putting it into words. 

There were just two of us in group today. Dr C took that opportunity to try to show us both that we are more alike than we might think… 

Dr C and I had been talking about shame around my cutting, and me trying to wrap my head around my recurring “shock” when I hear a dissociative diagnosis in reference to my symptoms…  I think she was trying to allow me an opportunity to talk about it with someone who might understand from a first-hand perspective. 

We ended up talking a bit about extreme dissociation and about coping skills. Something about B describing her DID stirred up my body memories. When she talked about switching, some part of me started to “wake up”… the stirring feelings shifted and swirled and ran through a few “ages”… I dunno. It was weird; and the body memories bubbled up…

Last week, for the first time in almost 2 decades, I connected with a part of myself I had all-but-forgotten ever existed. I suddenly remembered how much I loved to read, and that I used to do it all the time. I connected to the memory and the emotion of it… It only lasted a few hours, but I remembered what it was like. I’m trying to rekindle that part. I’ve started to buy books again and I actually want to read them. I haven’t been able to pay attention to them yet, but there’s an excitement around it (even if it’s just a tiny seedling of excitement). 

Anyway, the rest of today has been emotionally weird. I think I’m still somewhat back in group, trying to process finally not being alone in my dysfunction. I’m also feeling the beginnings of mild flashbacks (at least, I hope they are mild)… I’m guessing the internal stirrings are also playing a part in the weird feeling. It’s like the inside partitions are starting to get hazy and the parts are wandering forward. I’m not sure the walls will always be hazy (they’re starting to solidify again), but they were in group.

I’m getting better at holding conversations, but it’s still difficult. I lose interest pretty quickly… no, “interest” isn’t the right word. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but I lose my motivation to keep talking. I get distracted, and tired, and… yeah. That. 

Sorry, this post is fast losing cohesion. 

Distractions that aren’t

It becomes dicey when you are running from something, and everything you use to distract slowly loses it’s distracting power… 

Hopefully tomorrow’s day trip will fill the void.

I find certain things incredibly difficult to bring up in therapy. I’m not sure if it’s the way Dr C and I go about things, or the topics themselves, or my fear of disappointing her, or what, but sometimes I struggle till the end of session (or even after season is up) with how to introduce talking about certain things.

Last Monday, we had mentioned some stuff at the end of session that I really had hoped to cover today… only today I couldn’t bring it up again in time. The only reason I brought it up at all was because she caught me looking at the clock trying to calculate if I had enough time to get into it. I didn’t. She gave me the option of coming in again this week if I wanted. I took the opportunity, and also asked if we could talk about the self harm stuff that session. She said we can always talk about it, anytime. I told her I wasn’t sure how to bring it up; it’s one of those things that feels irrelevant unless I’m mired in it… only it’s difficult to talk about the “grand scheme” of it when I’m wrapped up in doing it, so it would be good to talk about it now when I’m not fighting urges… we established that it isn’t a current occurrence, but that it’s always in the back of my head (much like the concept of dying is always there).

I hope she can help me break into the subject next session.

Does anyone else find it difficult to bring up certain things at times? It’s not so much that it’s triggering or difficult to talk about (though it certainly can be), it’s just that we get going on another topic, or we seem to stay lighter, and I don’t know a good way to break into the heavy stuff. I find when there’s something I really want to talk about, I stall and sputter and pick something totally unrelated/surface to talk about when there’s actually something much more specific and heavier to talk about. I fall into the default notion of “they don’t really want to hear that stuff because it’s too deep/personal/uncomfortable so I’m just going to avoid it. I know it’s counterproductive for therapy (I mean, heck, that’s what I see the woman every week for: to talk about the uncomfortable/icky/ personal stuff), but for some reason I can’t get out of my own way and simply open up about whatever it is I really want to talk about most sessions. I’m so nervous and anxious about presenting well and progressing, I can’t bring up anything that might hint at any regression…

I know she says I don’t have to worry about disappointing her, but I always do (worry)… :/ I have this intense drive to please people and make them happy in order to make them like me. It rarely works. Half the people aren’t swayed by my frantic attempts, the other half take advantage. I know I should be more authentic with Dr C, but I don’t want her to give up on me or be mad that I’m just always drama…

I need people to like me. I need them to know I exist, and to want me around or I might blink out of existence… I know I won’t really cease to exist if they dislike me or no longer want me around, but the little kid in me doesn’t get that. She’s still desperately trying to please everyone around her in an effort to justify taking up space and resources… funny how much the kid in me is desperate to be real, while at the same time another part of me wishes and hopes for an end (the depressed part. The part that’s so tired of fighting and struggling and trying)… annother topic for therapy “some day.”

Oh, I’m supposed to make “balanced happy” art for Dr C. She was thinking I should do something that makes me happy/feel loved, surrounded by more things that make me happy and feel loved to keep out the darkness (or create a shield against it). She did some concept sketches in session today, and I think it might turn out really cool, I just have to figure out how to execute them in an interesting way… guess that’s a project for this week sometime. It won’t be done by Wednesday’s session, but maybe for next week?

Art instead of other things

As much as I didn’t want to be in therapy on Monday, I was really looking forward to group on Thursday… only group got cancelled ūüė¶

So, in an effort to keep on the right track with my coping skills, I did art all day…

I’m not sure if I posted about my experiment making my own canvas journal, but I worked on that and some ATC’s that will be going out on a swap (if I can ever decide which ones to actually send. I like them all for various reasons. Some have deeper meanings than they may appear to just by looking at them).

Anyway, here are pics of it all. Some are WIP pics, others of completed pages/cards… I used Inka Gold on the canvas. It doesn’t work well. The paint is cracking and chipping already. I need to come up with something as a hard cover for the journal to help protect it better. It works fine on solid objects, but it’s not meant to be pliable once dried.

I’m glad I had the distraction today. Between pms, the passing of one of L’s family members (and what it’s bringing up for me), increased body sensations, stress around one of the dogs having eaten a spoon a week ago and still not passed it, and the thought of a crazy day at work tomorrow, my thoughts have been hovering over the more negative coping skills. Similar to what I mentioned to Dr C on Monday, I just wanted to be drunk, high, and bleeding. Instead I played art and listened to the Ellie Goulding station on Pandora… yay for picking the more socially acceptable coping skills.

how to plan for an empty weekend


I’m trying to keep myself occupied and busy this weekend, only there’s nothing to do.

I saw TM yesterday. It helped a lot, and she helped me feel a bit more at ease around contacting her. We ¬†covered the time-line that had triggered so much this past week. It was easier with her there. It didn’t feel so terrifyingly alone and overwhelming. I was pretty detached from it all actually. I didn’t really give details, but we did talk about everything that was on it. I think she was a bit surprised about how much was actually there (and even that wasn’t all of it, just what I got down before it became too overwhelming). It felt safe there though. And we sat on the floor, which I think I actually really like and may do again. It was easier to curl up and feel safe surrounded by the furniture. She was physically closer to me too while on the floor, but in my head it looked miles away. :shrugz:

I followed through on my plan to visit the beach after session. It was nice and empty. The water was cool, but not too cold. I bobbed among the waves for about 1.5 hours before I started to get cold just floating there. Then I sat on the sand and watched the birds run around the waves to find their little food prizes. It was a nice change of pace. Part of me wants to head back there today, but it’s going to be hot and crowded. There’s also a lot to do around the house. I keep looking at the tumbleweeds of dog hair and vow to vacuum… once I stand up. Gotta get to the “standing” stage though, lol. My excuse in the moment: the dogs are quiet and relaxed. I don’t want to disturb them.

Physical flashbacks are still happening, but they are more “background noise” at the moment. I’m feeling the sensations and reminding myself “they are just physical sensations from the past. I don’t have to pay attention to them or act on them right now”. It’s helping. TM is out of the office for 3 days (they have an off-site function today). She wants me to call their crisis line if things get overwhelming, but I really don’t like speaking on the phone, so I just have to keep things from getting overwhelming. She said I “concerned” her. I really dislike worrying people, so I have to prove to her that her concerns are unfounded.

On that note, my head is starting to slip into an unwanted train of thought, so I’m gonna wrap this up and move on. The dogs are starting to shift again anyway, so now may be a great time to tackle vacuuming the house. Wish me luck ūüėČ

trauma work as a “distraction” is not the best reason to do it, smarty-pants.

I probably shouldn’t have gone to therapy today. I know she was probably trying to help me find my hope, but all I could see was how hopeless everything actually is.

I was more present though, so I guess that’s good. I didn’t noticeably dissociate, however I don’t necessarily explicitly remember the session either… She was trying to assess my level of emotional availability for dealing with the trauma stuff in the midst of the bigger housing crisis. I told her I needed the distraction (of the trauma work) to avoid completely shutting down around everything. At least with the trauma work, I feel like I’m getting somewhere. Maybe that was the wrong reasoning to give her today, but it was true in the moment. I don’t want to keep feeling like I fail this therapy stuff all the time (something I am so glad she understood and mentioned without me having to bring it up. kinda made me feel like she understands where my head is). There needs to be something in my life I feel that I have done right. I’m just not finding anything at the moment, not even therapy. I always feel like a failure and a disappointment. I can’t seem to finish anything I start because I peter out along the way. I don’t know how to maintain that energy at a level needed to succeed at anything. I really want to keep trying with this though. I’m fighting to keep coping, and to keep going back, and to stay present. I’m fighting the instinct to run away or shut down. I’m trying to keep my more adult/intellectual brain on hand to get through things. I’m trying to realize and voice when I know my thinking is distorted… I’m trying so hard to keep the little pieces glued together.

We talked about the hierarchy of needs. She asked me to rate where I felt I was on that. Honestly, I’m not sure. I haven’t really given it much thought… I guess I need to look the concept of working on the trauma ¬†kinda like trying to work on the top of the pyramid while I’m watching a flood wear away at the foundations of it. But at the same time, working on that top piece helps reinforce some of the layers below. My sense of safety is very much impacted by the flashbacks, as is my concept of being loved/loving, and my self-esteem. The physiological needs are still being met at the moment. I’m working on at least faking a plan to keep those needs met (and TM can’t help with that part anyway). I really need her help with the trauma stuff. I asked her if she knew of any additional help for the housing stuff, she had no resources, so why bother wasting our time on that? I know I need to be able to cope safely with things, but can we agree that I will cope however I cope while also committing to returning to her weekly (in one piece) to deal with the trauma?

She wrote down my homework this week ūüôā It was another thing she did without me having to ask, though I would have if she hadn’t done it. I’m supposed to 1) figure out what my primary need is for the day, and if it’s something I need to act on, then do so. I think the concept of this one has me a bit scared, because I often don’t know what I need, but maybe it’s as simple as having a list of tasks for the day? 2) to assess my physical and emotional state and come up with a way to cope with it if it’s distressing (I’m guessing part of this came from me linking some of the vertigo to taking benadryl the night before for sleep). I’m picturing this step as “self-care”… and 3) read the handouts she gave me. I’m also supposed to journal (art or written) about how I feel or what I’m thinking each day. We were doing this at the end of session, so I didn’t voice how blank and empty I’ve felt lately. It’s been really difficult to express anything these last few days, but I’ll try (and keep trying) in an effort to do the stuff she wants me to do.

Part of me really had wanted to directly address the hopelessness today. We talked about it a bit, but I’m kinda glad she didn’t grab it and run in the direction of stopping all other work to address safety. As much as I was hinting at it and indirectly throwing it out there, it would have accomplished nothing but distraction. I know I’m safe. I know I’m going to keep myself safe. The thoughts and impulses are just a fear reaction to all this stress. I’m glad she was respecting that I had labeled it as a distraction tactic back when we started. Sometimes I don’t realize the frantic attempts to distract the course of therapy with that stuff (at least not in the moment when I break down and admit to feeling so utterly hopeless). We’ve already got one huge distraction, and that’s the housing situation. I don’t need to add another to it. What I do need is to re-attach my head and figure out how to move on with things.

After I left session, I found the courage to call 211 and the local SSA office. Unfortunately, there really are very little resources. There are even fewer when you don’t quite know what you need. It’s funny how, when asking for help, not only are we under the impression that we should know how to help ourselves before we ask for it, but that there really isn’t anyone available to help us figure it out if we have no clue. If by some miracle you do know what you need, chances are that particular type of help doesn’t exist. I know I don’t always function well when overwhelmed. I know I could use some gentle hand-holding and direction, but that service doesn’t exist (at least not for me)… so, guess it’s “sink or swim” around this. :/ (cue string of dark and hopeless thoughts followed by some good ole’ fashioned self-deprecation). I really need someone to help me see a gray area around what to do. I keep jumping to the catastrophic line of action that ends with all the animals being re-homed and me feeling beyond guilty and worthless. TM had asked if I had motivation to keep living outside of that provided by external forces (L, the animals, some family members). Honestly, at this moment there’s nothing, so I’d really prefer to keep my small pool of external forces as large as possible. While the dogs are the biggest obstacle to attaining suitable housing, they are also one of my biggest reasons to continually choose to live. The snakes couldn’t care less where they live, as long as they get food, water, clean living space, and mental stimulation. Maybe my big guy would be thrown by me no longer being his keeper, but the others don’t seem to be phased. Actually, I don’t even think he would be all that phased, but I’m very attached to him… Speaking of the snakes, I need to go thaw their food before I forget again today (yesterday was feeding day and I slacked)…

Hesitation around Tuesday

I find myself looking forward to finally being able to speak to TM again, but also not holding out hope for it to actually happen. Part of me is worried either she will cancel again last-minute, or my back will still be hurting too much to make the drive and sit for an hour… I tried to go out yesterday and even a 5 minute drive hurt so badly that I turned around and came home.

I’m not sure at this point I even know what to talk about with her. I think I need to find a box of crayons and just plan on coloring. I need to figure this trust thing out with her, because right now there isn’t much. I’m not trusting there will be any consistency in our sessions, I’m not trusting that we will accomplish any of the goals I went in there with, I’m not trusting she hasn’t shoved me into a diagnosis box… I’m also not trusting that I will open up to her, or want to talk much about anything of substance. I’m not trusting that I will be able to come out from behind my walls far enough or long enough to make any of this work. She says I have disengaged from therapy, but it’s not only that; I’ve disengaged from myself. It’s still been forever since I’ve done any art (besides the journal class this past week, and even that was a struggle). There’s no connection to my emotions. It’s all nicely sealed away. Even the flashbacks are only playing out behind a wall. I get snippets of them in dreams, I get a sense that they are occurring in the back of my head, but nothing is coming forward except vague body sensations. I feel very disconnected from everything right now.

Maybe it’s better that way? Maybe it’s safer to go through the days without any connection to anything. I have no energy, but I’m also not thinking. My body doesn’t want to do anything; my brain doesn’t want to do anything. Maybe this is ok? Maybe when I go in Tuesday, I will keep the detachment and be able to tell her about the things she wants to know without drifting further?

I dunno…


dunno. feel lost and restless today. I should shower. I should do something…

anxiety’s building and I need a distraction.

circles and circles and circles again

I keep having all this inspiration for art as I sit by the computer. I get bursts of motivation to try something. I get up to go to either get my supplies or work in the other room, and all motivation and inspiration fizzle. There must be a black hole between me and my supplies that saps it all away…

Had journal class yesterday. It was fun. I again digressed quite a bit from what the teacher demonstrated but I was lighter than usual. There’s actually no black in this piece at all. :gasp!: I even went so far as to use white in the background… (yeah, I know. something must be wrong with me.)

I was really excited to do this class because it was a technique I had eyed in her book for months and months. She finally decided to teach this class. It was actually a different technique than I had thought, but I like that this is so much easier than the one I had in mind.

Every time we use stencils in class, I get on this kick of wanting more myself. They are pretty costly though, so I keep trying to make some myself. That’s what I had been trying to convince myself to do all day today, but I keep having the energy and drive drained by the time I pull out my stencil-making supplies. The ones I want to make would be really tedious. It’s fine when I need a distraction, but today I can’t keep focused on much (I’ve already paused 4 times while writing this blog entry)…

Anyway, here’s last night’s work (finished off this morning after about 3 false starts and several more distractions)


It’s building. I feel like I’ve done something wrong, and I’m about to get in trouble for it. I see the new therapist tomorrow, and I’m terrified she will yell at me. I know there’s no basis for this fear, yet I can’t escape it. Maybe it’s the subject matter that will be brought up. Maybe there’s a fear of being judged for it. Maybe it has something to do with going back to a place where I was supposed to have “completed the program” so there’s failure in going back? I really don’t know, but I’m freaking out. Distraction is not working. Rationalizing through the fear and concluding that is it baseless is not helping. Actively working on my breathing is not working.
I cleaned the cat room a bit, but even that physical work didn’t discharge the anxiety.
I showered after and just couldn’t feel clean. I scrubbed my whole body three times before I could contemplate turning off the water… I still feel gross, but I know it’s in my head at this point.
I need tomorrow’s appointment to come already so the outside authority that would know if I’m in trouble can voice whether or not I am…
I’m reacting to the concept of seeing T tomorrow like I had to TL when she triggered old stuff. Maybe it wasn’t just TL. Maybe it’s more about the contents of these body memories and flashbacks…


I can’t pay attention to anything today. I’m not interested in anything (even Criminal Minds ::gasp!::).

My panic hit high early on in the morning. I started feeling trapped, but nothing felt like something I could do. I was frantically pacing, but only in my head (if you were to look at me though, you would have had no idea how incredibly anxious I was). I finally convinced myself to go out to the book store. I grabbed a coffee, but didn’t sit there long enough to finish it. I then tried shopping at least for necessities, but I got very bored very fast. I didn’t want to be anywhere. I rushed through the grocery store and missed picking up just about everything…

I got home, but then was bored super-fast. I didn’t want to go out, but I didn’t want to be in the house either. Needed to finish TL’s painting (well, needed to frame it properly). Ran out to grab some more stuff, but I don’t have the patience to finish it properly. I was hoping to get the piece to TL tomorrow, but it’s not looking good at this moment…

Still can’t pay attention to anything. My head is starting to hurt. I still don’t want to pay attention to anything. Haven’t been able to follow this CM episode. I’m pretty sure I’m not doing well with this blog post.

Tomorrow’s going to be a full day. I see TL in early afternoon, help my friend pack more, then head over to the journal class. I hope tomorrow’s more settled than today. I hope my anxiety isn’t as high… and I hope I can figure out what the heck to do with TL’s painting. I want to frame it properly and give it to her, but I’m not sure it will be done in time. I definitely want it out of the house. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to give it to her earlier today. I don’t know why I didn’t want to give it to her, but I suddenly thought it was very stupid. I was guessing she would hate it. I still think she will hate it, or refuse it. I’m not sure why, but I do… :/

My head is such a mess, and mom keeps asking how I’m doing. I don’t know how to tell her the extent of the mess (or anyone really). I’m not sure I want to tell anyone the extent of it. It’s hard to describe when I don’t even fully know what’s going on or how bad it is. I just know my head feels like a mixture of cement and cotton, and I’m really tired.

This episode is almost over. Think I’m calling it an early night. Earliest night in the past month…

Tonight’s art journal

Not much, but didn’t want to keep the writing on these pages visible. Don’t even remember what it was anymore, just know it was pretty vulnerable so I covered over it (left was written yesterday, right was written just before I colored over it).
Also, inspiration can come from literally anything. The spiral is directly inspired by a piece of hair that had fallen into the bathroom floor this morning… the faceless woman is just… faceless. I couldn’t get the features right, so I didn’t do them (correction, I scratched them off and colored over it so you can’t really see the mess-ups). Both done in oil pastel and set with fixative. I missed them. I don’t use oil pastels nearly often enough.


And this is an artist trading card I did for an Alice in Wonderland swap (convinced a friend to sign up for the swap just because I wanted to do it but didn’t want to register at the site). My original idea had been a paper cutting, but it wasn’t working out correctly so I ended up with this. The rabbit is based off one of my favorite childhood stories: the velveteen rabbit. I had a stuffed toy version that had the same shape, but I lost him a decade ago…


well that was a first…

for the first time in my entire history, I spaced on a therapy appointment today. ¬†I never miss appointments without extenuating circumstances, and never simply because I forgot, except for today. ¬†I was sitting there bopping to my music and making jewelry when my phone rings (rudely interrupting my very bad singing). ¬†I recognize the number as the one De calls in from, so I answer, still thinking nothing of it. ¬†We get through our greeting, and then she tells me I had an appointment with her today. ¬†She said she was wondering what happened because I call even if I’m only going to be 5 minutes late. ¬†In my defense, we have had our weekly meetings on Fridays since the holidays. ¬†I apologized to her and promised nothing was wrong, but I just forgot that we had switched to Thursday this week. ¬†Luckily, she has time tomorrow. ¬†This would have been the last appointment before a 3 week break. ¬†I’m still kicking myself. ¬†Either I’ve got nothing urgent to talk about, or I’m in massive denial about the stress next week’s changes mean (or some combination of both). ¬†Mostly, I think it’s denial. ¬†Next week, L and I head up north. ¬†I will be going for 6 days, but she will be staying up there to try to get us re-established. ¬†We have not packed much beyond 2 boxes. ¬†there’s still laundry to do, and plans to be made for how to get myself and the “kids” back there… and there’s no plan for how my days will be spent once I no longer have L around to pass the time. ¬†We are refusing to look at all this stuff, because it’s hugely scary (but also exciting). ¬†We don’t have the best track record for cross-country moves that actually accomplish what we set out to do. ¬†So now what? ¬†Panic has yet to set in. ¬†Even a sense of urgency might be helpful (less than a week…). I also have yet to “realize” that today’s session with J was our final one. ¬†It was the same as all the others. ¬†I didn’t make much of an effort to say goodbye, though I know I should have. ¬†The only thing different this time was that we hugged before leaving, and we did not make any further appointments or plans to meet up. ¬†I’m sure it will all hit at some point either this week, or when I get back on the 20th to find that “normal” no longer is.

Too many goodbyes recently. ¬†I don’t like it. ¬†Too much loss coming up and resurfacing. ¬†I’m trying not to realize that we effectively re-homed one of our cats (the one who is miserable here and much prefers living with the older couple down the street). ¬†The loss of Twiggy hit again today when a box of her specialized food arrived from the vet today. ¬†I guess they automatically send out “samples” of the specialized food when the test results warrant it. ¬†Too bad it’s 2 weeks too late… I miss Twig. ¬†I know she was hurting a lot before she was put to sleep, but I still miss her presence in the house. ¬†It’s ok to miss the ones you love, even if their passing is for the better. And now I will miss Danny too, though he is still alive.

So I’ve spent my days obsessing with jewelry-making, art, and spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need because it’s easier than dealing with crap that is about to slam us. ¬†I’m playing games on the computer and on my phone that I have not touched in weeks. ¬†I make every effort to leave the house when I can get away with it. ¬†I throw myself in to everything but the things that need addressing. ¬†Heck, I’m even working on random therapy stuff to avoid dealing with other, more looming, more frightening things. ¬†J has a quote she has told us many times in the last 2 months: “if you are just scared, you don’t want it enough. if you are just excited, you already have it, if you are both scared and excited, it’s worth it” (or that’s the gist of it). ¬†I think I’ve draped a thick blanket over everything because I’m neither consciously scared or excited about this, I’m simply going with it because that is what we have decided to do, and there is no real other option. ¬†If I look into myself hard enough, I see the fear and the excitement I’m trying so hard to ignore. ¬†I catch glimpses of it in the tears of loss, and the avoidance. ¬†I notice it in my drive to push every thought of it out of my head (because, really, who wants to realize that within the week they will be separated from their significant other for several months, or think of having to uproot everything they cultivated in the last 18 months). ¬†I throw myself into anything and everything that enables me to push the thoughts away. ¬†It will catch up real soon, but for now, I rival the skill-set of those most versed in denial and avoidance.

that hole…

I went to feed the dogs tonight… Twig’s dish was just sitting there. ¬†I can look past her absence during the day, she used to sleep all the time lately (though taking them out is weird. you wouldn’t think one dog out of 5 makes such a difference, but it does…). ¬†At night, the lack of her weight on the bed is chalked-up to her sleeping on the floor (at least in my sleep-fogged head). ¬†But when I go to feed the dogs and her dish just sits there empty and unused, it’s weird. ¬†and sad. ¬†and empty… There’s a Twiggy-shaped hole in the house (and my heart). ¬†I know it was the right choice, but it doesn’t take away the hurt of missing her. ¬†and it adds one more thing to the huge list of losses.

De keeps trying to convince me this is all normal and even expected, but my head and heart wishes it wasn’t.

Paper Crane Invasion

It was suggested that I keep my hands busy when the self-harm urges get stronger, to take care of myself instead of destroy myself. So I made a paper crane,¬† and 100 of his closest friends. Some ended up looking like dragons to me… (and then I rewarded my hard work with ice cream). ¬†I could probably fold these in my sleep now.



I’m not quite sure what happened in session with De on Friday. She talked a lot. I colored a drawing I had done in my Wreck This Journal. I know she recognized something was up because at the end of session she asked what kind of space I was in. She wanted to know if I was more or less triggered than the beginning. I really didn’t figure out I was spacing until she asked about it. She wanted to see what I was coloring, and I didn’t want to show her at that moment. I rarely have issues showing her what I’m doing, but I guess I didn’t want to let her in right then. It was too raw, too close to the moment, too vulnerable. It was the only time she has ever leaned in without permission and I recoiled when she did that. She sat back and changed the topic. I changed what I was coloring. She then asked if she could see it later on, but I wasn’t sure.¬† After session, I wish she had asked to see it again. I would have shown her (I was removed enough from it by that time). I don’t really remember what else we talked about though (she talked about, I colored quietly for the most part I think. I don’t remember talking much). I think she validated my statement that I was in a weird space all week.¬† I think she was trying to have me be ok with it. I kinda wish she had asked more and talked less. I think I might have gotten someplace with stuff if she did that. I think she asked if I had made space to cry, but when I said no, she just launched into it being an important release and that I should try to make space for it. She acknowledged that it was difficult to do at home, blah, blah, blah… if she had left silence and space in session, I probably would have gotten around to it there, but it didn’t happen.
She talked more. I know there were points where I slowed in my coloring, and I just started doing very small lines of color, very controlled, but I don’t remember what she was talking at me about at that moment. I just made mental note that my coloring style changed. I don’t think she paused, though she might have asked me questions then, I really don’t remember. I guess I was pretty checked-out. I think this is the first time I regretted coloring during session. It was easier to check out, and she didn’t figure out what it was that I needed to talk about (I certainly have no memory of it now). I know there were a few points where I just couldn’t say anything because the only words that made it remotely close to my mouth were nowhere near the meaning I was looking for, so I didn’t say them. I wanted to, but the words were all wrong for my meaning. I think we had been talking about being kind to myself and my body. I wanted to tell her that my concept and her concept of being kind are very different, but I didn’t know how to explain that. I couldn’t bring voice to the idea that hurt is kindness in my messed up little brain. Cutting is kindness. Being put into uncomfortable situations is kindness. Being forced into things is kindness. Pain is kindness. I didn’t know how to explain that, in that very moment, as much as I should know better, I couldn’t see beyond that line of thinking. I didn’t think I could handle her challenges to it at the time, so I stayed quiet. I tried to voice it a few times, but silence prevailed and all I could repeat was mumbled, half-uttered “I don’t know.” She continued talking on at me for most of the session. I know she had asked something about small steps towards something or other, but again, I’m not really sure what she was talking about. I knew at the time in that I understood her words, but I didn’t retain it past nodding at what she had said. There was also something about not necessarily getting to everything in the time we have left working together, but that we could at least get to something. Again, I didn’t retain what that something was.

It’s so frustrating not to remember. It happens more often then not again. It frustrates everyone around me, not only myself…

I think she also tried to point out the progress I had made, but I disagreed with her assessment. She said I’m better at communicating a lot more to her through writing. She said we got through a bunch of stuff, and she said my coping is much better than it had been when I first started seeing her. I know I was in a really bad space at the time, but I don’t see my progress in such leaps and bounds. I think it’s because I know I’ve pulled back into myself a lot including with her. My walls are up for everything and everyone. The thinking hasn’t really changed, but my presentation has. A huge fear of external consequences coupled with a lack of available help has me stuffing a lot. I guess I use art a ton more lately, so I guess that’s progress. But it doesn’t feel that big inside. It feels like I’m holding my breath with everything because I have to. Care down here sucks. Networking help sucks. There’s no additional support, so my survival instinct has kicked in. Falling apart is not an option unless I’m ok with falling completely to pieces and losing all hope of freedom or any right to have a say in my treatment. Fear and having no choice but to do stuff on my own forces that old thinking to kick in again. I can’t rely on anyone but myself. I guess that’s a good thing…

I really want to do some more graphic art, but I’m afraid it would be a trigger rather than a release at this time. So I’m sticking to tame subjects. And I’m just sitting here staring at the page with no results. Maybe tomorrow I can collage or something to get some of this out. It’s there under the surface. It has been for a few weeks, but I have not been able to safely look at it and get it onto paper.

I really wish we would have talked about that drawing this week. I know she is not a mind reader, but at the same time I didn’t know how to ask her to talk about it. I didn’t know how to start, or what to say, or even how to ask her to ask about it and push the subject. Sometimes it sucks when therapists take the safe road and avoid pushing the things we try to avoid (at least outwardly). I get the concept of meeting clients where they are at, and letting them direct how much they reveal or what they talk about, but sometimes I need a push because I’ll tiptoe around things to keep from making others uncomfortable, or out of embarrassment and trepidation… I wish I didn’t have to wait again until Friday. It’s so damn far away. And the weeks are creeping by.

Emotional flashbacks

Session with De today went pretty well. We talked about the legal definition of assault and rape. We compared notes and she validated my hesitation to discuss anything about Duckboy for the last 17 years. We discussed the power dynamics of relationships. We talked about how that can effect whether a person leaves; whether they fight back.¬† Things were going good.¬† I was able to see things both intellectually and emotionally without it overwhelming me. I recognized the negative thoughts and she helped refute them (or start to). Then something changed. I started drifting away. De noticed and asked about it. I suddenly wasn’t able to talk to her about anything.¬† I couldn’t tell her what was going on because I couldn’t figure out in myself what was happening. Emotional memories sometimes overtake me and I have no idea until long after… De helped me ground a bit.¬† She asked about my recent art. I wanted to show her, but I wasn’t in a place to explain it, so I just handed her the book. She looked through things and asked about them.¬† Some were easier to talk about than others, but it worked to help ground me (at least long enough to be able to walk out of the building. I was shaking inside and was surprised I didn’t bump into every wall on the way out). I got in the car and blasted my music. The air from the open windows and the loud noise helped me ground more.¬† I wasn’t ready to be home yet though, so I asked L if she’d go to the beach with me.

It was a nice change from the house.¬† The winds were strong so the seas were choppy.¬† It was sunny but pleasant. Birds were out in force. I have a “slight”obsession with birds and birds in flight. I brought my camera (the good one, not just the phone. I’ll have to add those pics later because I’m posting from my phone) and was able to get some decent shots. There was a pelican that was particularly bold. He sat still as I took pictures about a foot away from his face. He tolerated me for a good 5 minutes before he flew off.


Because of the rough seas, there were also several man-o-war washed up on shore.¬† I normally see blue ones, but these ones had purplish pink on them also. I had to stifle the urge to play with them (I’m sure the sting would not have been all that painful, especially with the head-space I occupied earlier in the day)… regardless, they were really pretty.


There was a rather large flock of birds I have never seen before. They kept their faces to the wind even when resting. They had relatively large beaks (long) for birds their size. I also had trouble finding their eyes. They were pretty cool when they took off (sadly that pic is only on the computer)… but here’s a pic of them chilling on the beach all facing the wind.



and finally, some pictures from the “real” camera (Canon Rebel xTi with kit lens)


…because dealing with the loss is more painful than I care to experience at the moment. L and I tag-teamed a bracelet for J. Hope she likes it. Took 4 revisions, but I think we are both happy enough with it to give to her next week (which, incidentally, will be our last session with her. Last week she had said 3 to 4 more weeks. This week it was cut down to one more week… still better than D telling me the day-of that it would be our last session. What is it with therapists and shitty terminations? I hope my ending with De is handled better)…
I also did 2 additional bracelets: one for myself and one for L. It was good practice. The one for J had the pretty blue geodes. L’s is the rainbow skull one, and mine is the girlier black skull one… I may still redo mine, but J and L’s are both set.





So, De was right. There’s a ton of grief over this whole thing. After the tag sale today (and my short nap following it) I woke up feeling lost. I had spent the last 3 days frantically occupying myself with the logistics of the garage sale. I woke from my nap without purpose or distraction. There was an overwhelming urge to cry uncontrollably, hysterically, and wholeheartedly. I didn’t let myself though. The last time I felt this urgent a need to cry, I was hysterical for over eight hours. I ended up calling a crisis line then being involuntarily committed to a psych unit. I’m in no mood to go through that again, especially in this state with such poor mental health care.
We tried to find someone to go out with as a distraction (L is the only person I consider safe enough to cry in front of, so I would end up crying wherever we went out). None of our friends were available today (or this weekend)… we ended up just going to buy food and drink. Eventually, the hunt for my preferred beverage managed to distract me from the pending tears.¬† They didn’t come today, but I’m sure they will soon enough… I hate crying. I hate that tears this loaded don’t seem to end. It doesn’t help that I have my monthly mood swing.


No bombs were dropped by De in session today, though I did have a few panicked seconds when she started out a sentence with “my supervisor is all over me about…” (heart stalled and breath caught mid-exhale) “…asking you if we can keep your piece for further use” (resume breathing and pumping blood). I didn’t know what to say. I guess they really liked it. I asked if I could get back to her about it. De said that it will be displayed for the month of April, but that they would like to keep it to put up in the building. I’m not opposed to that, but I’m also really attached to the piece. I think if I leave it there, I will ask that my real name be used. Might as well get credit for it.¬† I also told De that I had been toying with asking for it back so I could tweak it because I had a million other ideas since I handed it in. She laughed and reminded me that was why I had given it to her when I did, so I wouldn’t mess with it and end up getting frustrated when it didn’t turn out how I pictured. She’s right, because I would over-work it and feel that I need to start all over again.¬† I don’t think I would have a fourth rendition in me before the beginning of April. It’s good I don’t have my hands on it anymore.
We spent the rest of the session talking about the pending move and how I will need to grieve the loss of the house and such, but that the overall result will be positive (the house does hold many negatives, as does this state. But it also was a “home base” for so long, a safety net if I need it. Hope I can get some sort of other safety net from it. I’m not going to hold my breath for that though).
I’m still adamant about not crying in front of others. She was trying to convince me that it would be ok, but all the judgements and fears around crying screamed in my head. I did tear up a few times with her today but refused to cry. I really don’t think I would have been able to stop if I had actually started. So I moved the conversation along (much like I keep my head moving all day and night so I don’t crack with tears). I had wanted to ask her to focus our work on the assaults and history with DuckBoy. I just didn’t find an appropriate way to slip it in to the flow. I needed more time to explain the rest of the week. I don’t think I expressed my distaste for loss in any meaningful way. I don’t think she gets how hard that is for me. I tend to stuff it all down, so it’s easy for people to miss the little hints. I just don’t do well with loss. A whole lot of loss is coming up real soon. It’s panicking me a bit, but I’m sure it will all be ok in the end (isn’t it always?). There’s always loss. There’s always change. Just gotta learn to go with it… don’t open your heart too much to prevent excessive pain with the withdrawal of whatever it was that you let worm its way inside.
The session flew by before I knew it. On the way out I asked if they had a shredder so I could get rid of the last pictures I found of DuckBoy yesterday. She suggested “making a moment of it” and that we could do it next week. I gave her the pictures to hold on to till then (I certainly don’t want them)…
(Strangely appropriate song just came on my playlist: Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt… covers the feel of all this. ¬†It works for the house, the history, and everything else).
Is it weird that I miss my best friend from high school so much lately? I found some pics of her and of us the same time I found the DuckBoy pictures… one relationship I’d rather forget, and one I wish was still going. But I guess loss and grief are the themes of the moment (sadly there’s only the loss of DuckBoy for which I’m relieved, the other losses just hurt). I wish I had the gumption to track her down and show up at her door. I wish I had been a better friend. I wish I had fought harder when she ran away. But what do you do when a friend ceases wanting to be your friend? …I still have the mug she gave me for Christmas one year. It’s my favorite one. I really miss her.
The loss of this house means the loss of that last connection to a bunch of positive stuff. There will no longer be a safety net here… it sucks…

your daily moment of zen

Well, after looking forward really badly to seeing De today, my defenses were up and we talked about a whole lot of nothing. ¬†I told her how I had basically just shut down after my disclosure to her back before the holidays. ¬†She tried to get me thinking, but my brain was like a little kid not wanting to leave the beach – he dug his heels in and refused to budge. ¬†Pictures of planning for my “new to me” fish tank came flying through my brain. ¬†I told her, so we talked more about the fear of re-hashing things. ¬†She emphasized again that the worst is behind me. ¬†Still, all I could picture between visions of planting ideas for the tank was this scrawny little boy with huge dark circles under his eyes, digging his heels into the wet sand, and screaming in protest. ¬†(I think that will end up being an art project). ¬†Every time I saw him, fear coursed through me and “his” thinking of not wanting to go back to that abuse flashed through my head. ¬†I told her about the idea of a kid digging their heels in and not wanting to go (in my head, I was pulling his arm and shoving him forward). ¬†De reminded me to try walking him gently along the sand, staying on the wetter sand so our feet don’t burn. ¬†I still wanted to shove him forward, and no amount of rationalizing that it would probably make him feel safer if I was more gentle worked to change the picture in my brain. ¬†Maybe next week I’ll have worked up to coaxing him along instead of forcing him. ¬†De seems to be ok just doing the “process” piece of things (talking about the feelings and the concept of talking or thinking about things). ¬†She said we can work towards more content down the line. ¬†This week, she wants me to try to talk to L about the fears and what talking about all this stuff to De would be like. ¬†She doesn’t want me to worry about the details of things, but the emotions behind it (sometimes that can be scarier but I guess she is hoping L is a safe-enough person for me to start opening up to). ¬†She also wants me to work up to maybe telling her (or expressing in some way) the stuff I had on my list to talk about but that I tabled for the time being. ¬†She thinks it may be a good place to start. ¬†I’m not sure how well I will be able to talk about it, it’s not something I really like to bring up because it tends to be a taboo topic in most cultures. ¬†I guess I will give it a try throughout the week and see what comes of it.

20140109_170149_zpsypjw6zmeAnyway, after leaving De, I dragged L out to the pet store to get some plants for the above-mentioned tank. ¬†I found 2 that I liked and was able to purchase. ¬†I’m still looking for moss with which to cover the back wall, but these will do for now. ¬†I’m not sure what the bottle-brush looking thing is, but I know the one with the broader leaves is a java fern. ¬†I also have a waterlily bulb in there, and a red mangrove seed. ¬†The waterlily bulb is from the canal out back, and the red mangrove seed is from the beach. ¬†I split the bunch of the mystery plant into individual stalks, and I separated the 2 java ferns. ¬†I hope they take root well and grow in nicely. ¬†I’m hoping to get some christmas tree moss for the driftwood, and some other type of blanketing moss for the back wall. ¬†I’m also thinking of making a “river” out of the blue gravel from Mighty Mouse’s (the betta)¬†old tank. ¬†I’m just not sure how well it will stay in place when I vacuum. (since originally writing this, I was reminded that java fern needs to have the rhizome in the light, so one is now tied to the front branch of the driftwood, and one is tied to a lava rock).

There’s a single betta and 10 ghost shrimp (oh, and the tiny snail that hitched a ride on the bottle-brush looking plant)

mostly-finished Inside-out Box & WIP painting that I have also given up on for the time being

ok, so I lied about updating that post… It’s been about 3 weeks since I declared it finished and showed it to De. ¬†Sitting there looking at it in session, I realized how much I hated the ribbon around the outside lid and ripped it off as I walked back out of the building. ¬†I felt much better. ¬†i replaced the ribbon with black sand, but i still want to make a wall of small river stones or gravel along the curtain-line. To do that, i will have to buy some stones though.

Sometimes I get frustrated with my lack of supplies, or expertise in technique, or ideas, and just let the project rest indefinitely until I either get what I need, inspiration strikes, or I scrap it and change it all together. ¬†This box has been sitting “mostly finished” since the beginning of the month. ¬†It will likely stay like that for another several weeks as I have mentally moved on from it.

So, to keep from leaving too much suspense over the mostly-finished product, here are some pics. ¬†I don’t know where the pics of the outside of the box went, apologies.

And here’s the WIP painting I mentioned. ¬†It was born of an in-session assignment. ¬†I got frustrated with the way I was painting the chair as well as my lack of definition/direction with the person in the chair, so I moved on to other things (specifically, a shadow-puppet piece based off the same image – also stalled due to my lack of knowledge about where to take the performance of it, and technical know-how to accomplish what I am picturing in my head). ¬†I will finish this painting some day, but I doubt it will be any time soon. ¬†All my current energy is focused on making that shadow-puppet piece work out. ¬†I really miss puppetry. ¬†I’m having a blast trying to figure stuff out for it, and it’s getting me in contact with puppet-arts people to help get things correct. ¬†It has also renewed my interest in puppetry in general.


the power of distraction in therapy (some potentially triggering stuff in here too – nightmares, relatively graphic self injury talk…)

I was again reminded how much a slight distraction can help me open up in therapy. ¬†De and I were covering some tough stuff (expected) so I brought a coloring book (I couldn’t find our crayons at home, but she came through on that front). ¬†I think I had half expected her to read the stuff I had written to her. ¬†Maybe I had even hoped she would read it before session, even though I consciously wanted to challenge myself to be able to disclose it verbally. ¬†I was going to struggle through telling her about the content of the entry, so I brought the minion coloring book. ¬†I also started off joking as we walked in (not my normal presentation, but I tend to use humor to off-set an uncomfortable situation) and she kept the laughter rolling into the beginning of the session. ¬†I do much better with heavy subjects when they are offset by humor and distraction, so I was pleased she was willing to keep it going. ¬†Then she broke it to me that she decided to see if I had written anything new this week. ¬†She said she had not had a chance to read it all because she had not left herself much time. ¬†She said she skimmed the entry, but there were some things that stuck out to her. ¬†She wanted to leave it up to me if there was any way I had wanted to direct the conversation. ¬†My head was still catching up with the fact that she had decided to check on her own if I had written anything. ¬†I told her that I did not want to alert her to the entry because I had wanted to see if I could tell her about it, but I had wanted to leave it accessible to her in case I could not succeed in doing so. ¬†I began nervously flipping through the coloring book as I told her I would let her direct things (I was suddenly way too flustered to do anything meaningful). ¬†I settled on a picture and we began to talk. ¬†She covered the main points she wanted addressed (coincidentally the same ones I had wanted to talk about), and I was able to give my honest responses to some of her question. ¬†I found myself censoring less when I was concentrating on finding just the correct yellow for the minion. ¬†The veil of self-consciousness was there, but not as inhibiting as it normally is. ¬†A lot of the stuff that floats through my thoughts never makes it past my lips. ¬†This time, some of the stuff that I really needed to say managed to come out.

She called me on my topic-shifting and avoiding some of the touchier things. ¬†I think I was still able to laugh it off and switch back to what she was looking to hear about because my head was still playful from my humor earlier on. ¬†Anyway, I managed to get back to talking about the important stuff. ¬†The session flew by again… I think I made eye contact once or twice, but that’s ok. ¬†It’s much easier to talk without eye contact. ¬†Growing up, I was trained to look away. ¬†Looking at someone was considered disrespectful, unless of course you were in trouble, then you had to look to make sure they knew you understood the gravity of the situation…

We covered self-injury. ¬†We talked about it in terms of the addiction to it (I had mentioned the addiction in my entry, and she concurred). ¬†She had me describe my “relationship” with it. ¬†That was a concept I couldn’t really grasp though, and don’t think I managed to describe it in the manner she had asked… I skipped a lot of years, and she called me on it. ¬†I back-tracked and tried to cover the main points… ¬†When she asked where the initial introduction to cutting came from, I explained that I did not really remember, but knew I had written about it years ago. ¬†I started to tell her the story of the table (the one I only remember because I had read it over and over again). ¬†She asked if I had been introduced to self harm by someone else, or if it had just appeared as a coping mechanism randomly on it’s own. ¬†That’s when I remembered my old recurring nightmare. ¬†I told her of the dream where a guy came into our house, but it was also a mall. ¬†He was killing people. ¬†My aunt pulled me into the little bathroom at the front of the house and closed the door in hopes of hiding. ¬†He shot her several times through the door, then sat me on the sink. ¬†He used a Swiss Army knife to start carving intricate patterns into my legs. ¬†That always signified the end of the dream. ¬†When she asked, I could not remember if anyone around me had ever hurt themselves like that, but I thought not. ¬†I think I may have been 5 or 6 when I started having that dream. ¬†It lasted for many, many years. ¬†I did not start hurting myself until I was about 13 or 14 though. ¬†I was reminded of it at about that age when one of the times I accidentally walked into the corner of the table, it suddenly stopped the inner turmoil. ¬†She had suggested that the physical pain stopped the emotional. ¬†I had to think about that for a second. ¬†I never feel pain when I self-harm. ¬†If it starts to hurt, I don’t follow through. ¬†It’s only ever accomplished if there is no pain with it. ¬†I think I may register the pain at some level, but it’s never consciously felt. ¬†I think it’s just the body shock of pain receptors going off that quiets my mind. ¬† And nothing else works as immediately and as completely as self harm does, even when it’s not working as it should (back to the addiction piece). ¬†Much like a substance addict, cutting is always “chasing a high” so to speak. ¬†I almost always need more than the previous time, and more intensity, just to get the same relief. ¬†If it’s pretty bad, then I need it more intensely and more often. ¬†That last really bad time, I was cutting about every 15 minutes. ¬†The only reason I paused that time was because the blood stopped and it frustrated the hell out of me that I could not get more to materialize (kinda happens when you lose a lot of your volume)… But I digress. ¬†I told De this in somewhat more detail, but still have difficulty talking about it too graphically (mostly out of shame). ¬†It was validating to hear her responses to some of what I said, but I also worried that at times I said too much. ¬†Having been on both sides of the desk (and assuming others can be as empathetic as myself), I did not want to give too much detail with a lot of it. ¬†I know being there for it caused a lot of trauma to a lot of people, I don’t want to increase that number just in the re-telling.


She gave me homework to do, but I’m suddenly drawing a blank as to what it is… needs! that’s it. ¬†We had talked about my difficulty in asking for help because I don’t always know what I need when I reach out (ok, I¬†rarely¬†know what I need when I’m reaching out) so I just don’t do it. ¬†She wants me to collage what it is that I need (or draw, or express in some way). ¬†I tried to get out of it by saying I’m pretty sure it will turn dark. ¬†She countered by telling me to make multiple pictures then, one that expresses my needs, and one that takes care of the darkness. ¬†I’m still horribly unsure of where to even start with my needs, but I’m pretty sure I could cover a million pages in the darkness. ¬†How do you even figure out what your needs are? ¬†How do you represent that? ¬†I honestly don’t know what I need beyond safety (physical and emotional). ¬†That’s the only time I¬†do¬†know how to ask for help: when I desperately need physical safety and it’s about time to go to the hospital. ¬†Outside of that, I don’t know what my needs are. ¬†Support – What does that look like? ¬†Peace – Can someone else even provide that? ¬†What does a normal person need when they are in distress? ¬†I grew up knowing only that my most basic need for safety was not met. ¬†The people I turned to for safety either did not come through with it, or ended up leaving in the long run. ¬†I don’t know what else to look for… This will be a really difficult assignment.

Sorry, I’m getting distracted, I’m waiting at a coffee shop for L to be done with her activity. ¬†I love this place. ¬†It’s chill and friendly and always has something fun on tv. ¬†Tonight it’s Modern Family… I’ve never seen it before, but know the general premise. ¬†It’s quite funny at times, so it has me looking up and losing my train of thought.

today – therapy & the beach

Today’s session with De was interesting. I didn’t quite talk about all of the stuff I wanted to talk about, but we did spend the session on something really important. She helped normalize some of the things I have been stressing over. She also said it was important to “honor where [I’m] at” before trying to get past it. I told her I felt like I had been stuck here forever, but she reminded me that things like that take time to “get over” and there have been a lot of recent triggers that are just that: triggers. They don;t necessarily have to come from some known place, but can be something as simple as a smell or a phrase. This past week, “triggers” had been all around, so it’s understandable that I would be falling back into a more vulnerable space. She also reminded me that what I had been worried about was inherently a vulnerable position, but especially so because of my history. I guess I see that, but I’m still frustrated by it. I wish I could make it all better already. I feel like I need to do this for not only myself, but also the others around me. So what that the house is the same and the room is the same and a lot of the people are the same… I should be habituated by now. We’ve been here for 10 months already, the triggers should not be as “loud” as they are… De reminded me that one huge factor had not been present the whole time (G), and that it changes things. She also wanted me to remember that everyone deals with things on their own time. Others may think I should be “over it” but they are not in my head… I guess she’s right. I just can’t help but feel pressure from them (either created by me or actually there, I’m not quite sure) to be better already.

As I talked about all this stuff with her, I proceeded to peel the color off my coffee mug. She mentioned that it seemed easier for me to talk about emotions if I had some kind of distraction (art, peeling the mug). Yeah. It is. A measure of dissociation is good to help me skim the surface of the emotions without getting lost in them. At least, it’s working most of the time.

We set another appointment for Tuesday. I’m glad she just kinda went with offering it, because I don;t think I would have done too hot waiting for a whole week, but I wasn’t sure I could bring myself to ask for it.

After therapy, I didn’t really want to be home. Some days (especially if they are emotionally charged) it feels like there are huge iron bars on the windows and doors as if it were a jail cell. It has felt this way since I was a child. L was ok with going out again. I had wanted to hit up the Everglades, but she suggested the beach. We came home long enough to use the bathroom, change, eat, and head out. It was nice to be out there. While I hated the beach growing up, I am totally in love with it now. The water and sky is so relaxing. We played around for a few hours. Most of the time was spent in the water. There were small fish near shore and they scared the crap out of me every time they touched my feet. I took to trying to float most of the time, until one fresh little fish decided it would be fun to swim up my shorts. I would have shot straight out of the water if my feet had something to push off of. I ran right to shore cursing the fish the whole time. I think he won the bet with his fishy friends about who dared to swim up the girl’s shorts… ugh! Anyway, I got some nice pics. I really love the beach. I love the water the most. Tomorrow will probably be the Everglades though… Nature is definitely my Zen place.