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Write the saddest story you can in 4 words…

I saw this on fb…


“I loved you once…”

it can have so many endings:

…but then I remembered.

…and you betrayed me.

…then you used me.

…and I saw your true colors.

…you broke my heart.

…I still love you (and I don’t know why)…




many interpretations…

Gossip in Red (tiggering)

Shh… Pull up a chair and get comfortable.

Did you eat recently?

You might not want to stay for the tale then.

It’s quite the “edge of your seat” ear candy…

There’s something I need to tell you.
It’s quite messed-up and

It brings release.
But more than that,
It’s a high.
I start, and suddenly

One drop, and I’m hooked
The more, the better.
The darker, the redder
The higher the risk
The better it feels.

Why not skydiving?
Well, there’s no red involved.

It’s like a drug.
The faster it flows
The better it feels
The more I want it

It did not start out that way.

It started to…

Well, it started to bring me…

I wanted to finally…

How can I say this without saying it?


When your body betrays you
And you head is full of memories
And your body is full of sensations
You just need to settle them to bed.

It started as a release.
Then the reinforcer came,
And it took over.
There was nothing left to bleed out,
but the blood was what drove me.

I didn’t want to stop
but there was almost nothing left.
My body betrayed me yet again.
(This time the severed vein cinched up
to keep me alive long enough to get to safety)

I didn’t want to stop
I didn’t want to go

Sometimes you do things for others
because you care about them
more than you will
care about yourself

and because I trusted her
and because she was scared
and because…

I became scared

Cuts like that don’t just
and heal on their own
and that was not
in the plans (with this anyway
– there are pills for that)

So off to the Doctor who
Sends you to the ER
Where they wonder how
You are still upright
Because you left about half
Your volume in her office…



some free-verse from 2010… eh… I dunno… it’s the one I liked more out of the slew I have written… still needs work.


I told you I liked girls
Over two bottles of beer
“that’s all?!” you said
with a sigh of relief
“I thought you were going to tell me
that you are pregnant”
I sighed
equally relieved.
You said you accepted me
for me, whomever I loved

You told me you don’t believe
in tolerance
but acceptance
because there is nothing about me to “tolerate”

Then on my wedding night
you told me again that LS
was totally in love with me
and how good we would be together
you said this in front of everyone

When we ended the relationship,
you called her worthless
and said I was better off without her
you mentioned LS again…

When you came to visit me recently
and you met my new love for the first time
you took the opportunity to tell me
how much you disliked her
You mentioned LS yet again

You say you are ok with me
liking girls
and wanting to spend my life
with whomever makes me happy
and you bring up LS again
So much for Acceptance.

not my quote, but my edit…



The important piece of that is that for that short period of time… you felt like you could fly.