circles and circles and circles again

I keep having all this inspiration for art as I sit by the computer. I get bursts of motivation to try something. I get up to go to either get my supplies or work in the other room, and all motivation and inspiration fizzle. There must be a black hole between me and my supplies that saps it all away…

Had journal class yesterday. It was fun. I again digressed quite a bit from what the teacher demonstrated but I was lighter than usual. There’s actually no black in this piece at all. :gasp!: I even went so far as to use white in the background… (yeah, I know. something must be wrong with me.)

I was really excited to do this class because it was a technique I had eyed in her book for months and months. She finally decided to teach this class. It was actually a different technique than I had thought, but I like that this is so much easier than the one I had in mind.

Every time we use stencils in class, I get on this kick of wanting more myself. They are pretty costly though, so I keep trying to make some myself. That’s what I had been trying to convince myself to do all day today, but I keep having the energy and drive drained by the time I pull out my stencil-making supplies. The ones I want to make would be really tedious. It’s fine when I need a distraction, but today I can’t keep focused on much (I’ve already paused 4 times while writing this blog entry)…

Anyway, here’s last night’s work (finished off this morning after about 3 false starts and several more distractions)


What are your thoughts?

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