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Last night’s art journal class & a moment of zen

I barely got out of bed yesterday. I got up to go to the bathroom and take care of the dogs…

In the early afternoon, I decided I need to take some sort of action to help me stabilize a bit. My friend then posted that there were still spots let in her journal class that night. I told her I was going. I didn’t really have the money for it, but I needed the distraction and to get out of bed (and the house). I’m really glad I went.

Not only was it great to see my friend, but I met some cool new people also. And the journal page came out really cool. I liked the concept so much (and I was bored waiting for the first one to dry) that I did one in both journals.

wpid-20150529_215618.jpgFirst we created an abstract background with tempera paint (the blocks, so it ended up looking like a grungier watercolor). It took a few layers, but they came out really cool. I might have to invest in some tempera blocks. Then we traced/drew some feather outlines on the page and painted around them with diluted gesso. I did the first page as she showed us (painting the whole page but the feathers). The second one I tweaked. One of the other ladies in class painted one half of her journal, then did the reverse (painted the feathers in) on the other half. Her’s came out really cool, so I tried a similar technique.

I showed TM both of them today, and upon seeing the smaller one, she commented how bright and happy the colors were… Then she looked closer and read the poem. She frowned a bit. She said it was surprising (or interesting? or striking? I can’t remember her exact word choice) that at first glance the page looked so happy & bright, but the words and additional images were so sad/dark/depressing. I hadn’t put it together in as many words at the time, but it was somewhat on purpose. It matches my presentation a lot of the time: I may look happy & bright and together at first glance, until you take a closer look. Then you see the darkness…

wpid-20150529_232604.jpgThe second page looks a bit more chaotic and grungy even at first glance, but the words are happier. They are lines/words from a song (“I won’t come down” & “fly”) I guess I liked the concept of having to look past initial impressions to get the true feel of the piece; contradictions in appearance and substance… Much like all of humanity. You can’t judge anything on appearance & first glances alone. There’s always more to it… (sorry, I don’t have an updated picture of the second one with the additional lyrics on it, but they are at the top, center of the spread).

I had a lot of fun doing them. I’m also ::gasp!:: pleased with how they turned out 😉

And finally, for a moment of zen; tonight’s sunset & moon: (yeah, so the sunset keeps getting more dramatic as it progresses… jumped up like 5 times for pics already. gonna miss this view a lot…)



…because dealing with the loss is more painful than I care to experience at the moment. L and I tag-teamed a bracelet for J. Hope she likes it. Took 4 revisions, but I think we are both happy enough with it to give to her next week (which, incidentally, will be our last session with her. Last week she had said 3 to 4 more weeks. This week it was cut down to one more week… still better than D telling me the day-of that it would be our last session. What is it with therapists and shitty terminations? I hope my ending with De is handled better)…
I also did 2 additional bracelets: one for myself and one for L. It was good practice. The one for J had the pretty blue geodes. L’s is the rainbow skull one, and mine is the girlier black skull one… I may still redo mine, but J and L’s are both set.




things to occupy the hands and mind (updated a week or so later)

One of my wife’s bosses at Michael’s turned us on to Perler beads (the ones you put onto a small peg-board and then melt together with the iron to keep the design). Little did she know she would unleash monsters.

Not only did it have 3 of us sorting colors for hours (the OCD sides to us all were SO satisfied when the colors were finally separated into their own little containers), but the challenge of doing an original piece based off a photo or object has me working for the whole day. I managed to get totally enthralled by the process of figuring out the proper bead/color placement to create what I was looking for.

I started out with 2 Hello Kitty designs yesterday and this morning based on little candy tins my wife has (she has a slight obsession with tins and containers). They came out pretty good after I got the correct head:body ratio. (I changed the vampire’s whisker color to purple like her clothes… the yellow just wasn’t working for me).  I am not really much of a Hello Kitty fan, but I think these came out cute (and they are Halloween-themed, which just so happens to be my favorite holiday)


Then tonight I started my first realistic Perler “painting” using this photo from the internet as reference. I have a ton of tweaking to do, and this is just the start of it all, but I think I like where it’s going. My only problem is that I can’t decide which version I prefer: the one on the left or the one on the right. I ran out of the colors for the one on the left, so I tried the one on the right. I’m not sure I like it as much as the first one because the color contrast is much higher between the shading, highlighting, and base gecko color (though I really like that blue for him). I also have to set the eyes a tad father apart, and adjust the left side of the top “V” on his head. This one will be a HUGE project if I decide to go all-out and do the whole image (more than the crop used to show the reference gecko). So far the gecko’s head is a good 4.5″ (it should be noted here that the geckos themselves are only about 3″ full-grown). The black piece below him is the start of the patterning under his jaw (not easily visible in the reference pic included in the collage). Hopefully I will keep up with it, though I will have to wait until the extra beads come in. It has definitely kept my hands and my brain occupied, which keeps me out of trouble 😉



So, I made some tweaks and added more beads.  I guess it’s not so bad with all the dark blue…