that hole…

I went to feed the dogs tonight… Twig’s dish was just sitting there.  I can look past her absence during the day, she used to sleep all the time lately (though taking them out is weird. you wouldn’t think one dog out of 5 makes such a difference, but it does…).  At night, the lack of her weight on the bed is chalked-up to her sleeping on the floor (at least in my sleep-fogged head).  But when I go to feed the dogs and her dish just sits there empty and unused, it’s weird.  and sad.  and empty… There’s a Twiggy-shaped hole in the house (and my heart).  I know it was the right choice, but it doesn’t take away the hurt of missing her.  and it adds one more thing to the huge list of losses.

De keeps trying to convince me this is all normal and even expected, but my head and heart wishes it wasn’t.

What are your thoughts?

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