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Knee-jerk reactions infuriate me…

I know that sounds quite the double-standard, but I need to vent.

Please keep our public schools religion-free.  If you want your religion to be the cornerstone of your education,  go to a religious school that fits with your beliefs and enroll your children there.  Do not force my child to fit into your niche. Do not tell me your god needs to be brought back into every school.  Not everyone believes in your god.  Forcing them to learn about it and preach it every day will not make anything better.  It will make those who believe feel stronger in their beliefs,  yes,  but it will alienate and cause conflict with those that do not.  Instead of bringing your god back into classrooms,  lets bring tolerance,  peace,  and love back.  Lets teach our kids that bullying for any reason is not ok. Lets teach them to work together instead of one-upping eachother… that is what I want thought to my children in schools, not that one god is better than the next.


roadblocks (originally should have been published in July… now it’s out of place)

I finally got some energy and drive to look into other jobs, but I’m faced with more roadblocks then I can count.  I had wanted to apply for a Vet Assistant Certificate program, but there is no financial aid for that, and it’s nearly $2000 for a 20 week course.  I do not have a spare $2000 hanging around, so I will have to wait.   There are no animal jobs out there that don’t require a degree in a science, or a ton of formal animal experience.  How can I get experience if no one wants to give it to me?  I’m tired in my current field.  I want a change, but there is nothing that pays more then minimum wage when you start a new field…