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so I did a small, unscientific experiment on my fb page today. I’m not sure how valid my “results” are, but I figured I would mention it here.

With all the stuff going around about mental illness in light of Robin Williams’ suicide, I found several articles I thought were somewhat refreshing in their views. One in particular struck me today, and I ended up doing a mini-rant in my intro-post to it.  I divulged quite a bit of my current struggles in relation to not being able to access adequate/appropriate/affordable help in relation to my struggles.  I vented about the broken system in this state, and how even when I ask for help, I am not able to receive the help I feel I need, or would feel safe in receiving.

I theorized that no one would comment on or like my post, or even notice it.  I know fb algorithms play into this, but I figured the fact that it was a Robin Williams-related article I was passing along would bump it a bit higher on most people’s feeds.  I still received no response (despite posting it during a “peak” fb viewing time based on my friend’s activities)… I think the saddest thing with that is the fact that most of my friends are either mental health providers or consumers. Not one “liked” my post or commented on it. The posts before and after received plenty of attention, but the one divulging vulnerable information was lost to the bowels of fb… I suppose I cannot call this experiment over quite yet (maybe give it a day or two to show up on people’s feeds), but the initial response is really disheartening. We seem to be able to get up in arms about mental health at a distance, but when it’s spoken about in personal terms, everyone shies away. It still seems to be a very much taboo topic to not only post talk about, but post about or acknowledge… :sigh: