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Art Journal – Color-blocking

So, my friend started teaching at a new location for the summer. It will be weekly, though I doubt I can afford every week…

Anyway, it’s a shorter time also, so she will be doing less-complex journals, but they are still super fun.

This week, we did color-blocking. I wasn’t able to finish mine in the time alloted though. 1.5 hours just isn’t enough to allow for decisions and drying time. I did get a chance to work on it some more at home though.

Anyway, here it is… (first pic is what I completed in class, second pic is what I added at home. There’s still a few finishing touches to be had, but that will happen next week)

And for a moment of Zen: tonight’s sunset.


Depression colors everything

I woke this morning wanting to cry my eyes out. Depression sucks. It’s a gorgeous day. There was a quick shower, and a pretty rainbow, and I want to cry harder.
L reminded me there are only 12 days till my visit, and I was overwhelmed with a heaviness. How is it that such a happy experience should make me so sad? because I know the sadness at leaving will be heavy and wet and incredibly intense. I know, I shouldn’t focus on the ending before it even begins. That’s the fun part of depression though; it doesn’t give a shit…
An acquaintance made the move to initiate friendship, and that made me want to cry also. People shouldn’t be nice to me. They shouldn’t put forth the effort, they’ll just be infected by this black sludge that invisibly oozes from every pore. I admit, I do my best to hide it if you see me out and about, but it’s there. It’s sticky and heavy and traps everything in its path…
I wanted to cry when I read an account of someone’s snakes living well into their 50’s. I wanted to cry because I was both happy that mine may be with me for a much longer time, and sad that the hurt would be huge when they do finally pass… I know, you are thinking “but they’re snakes!? They’re icky and slithery and snakes!?” But they have their personalities and they are not icky at all… and I will miss them when they move out of my life, like I miss every pet I have ever shared my life with…
So yeah, depression is loud and very present this morning despite my best efforts to smile and decide to be happy. It’s coloring everything with those dark storm clouds… I can see the rainbow, but it’s very faint and fading fast, leaving only the gray clouds.


Just because

Tonight’s clouds. Heavily edited. Just because.


(Kinda looks like a UFO)…