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That took a sharp turn


I didn’t really have an idea for this page other than adding the rainbow inks… they didn’t turn out exactly as I’d pictured it at 2am when the idea came to me, but they turned out ok.


I had thought I was going to use the heavy gel honeycomb pattern as a resist when adding a black ink wash, but when it came down to it, I wasn’t sure I could get the look I was going for. I opted out of the totally dark background (the black letters would have gotten lost), and went way out of my comfort zone to keep the bg mostly white…


I had originally used a silhouette mask of a woman when laying down the honeycomb pattern. I wanted to highlight her in some way. I finally ended on cutting out another copy of her from the rice paper I had covered in gel medium. I tried to color her with blue gelatos… didn’t like it, so did my best to wash them off. Go figure, this time I can’t get the color to wash off completely. Anyway, I didn’t like the blue much, so I thought of drawing in her details. Then I thought better of it, and drew in a skeleton instead. I lost stream drawing by the time I reached the skull, so that part looks way more cartooney than I’d like…


It’s still a work in progress (more ideas of what to do both with the skeleton and the background), but this is as far as I’ve gotten… I haven’t worked on her in 2 days. I haven’t worked on the squares since the night I posted about them… I dunno. Motivation is sorta there, but energy and effort to execute isn’t.

other art

I have a bunch of art journal pages that are just sitting there, waiting for progress. Some are further along than others, and many have been sitting for months. A few are actually finished. Most of them are “left over” supplies pages.

Flashbacks (WIP)


This page has been one of the slowest yet. I’ve had the general idea for the top layer for over 2 weeks (though it went through at least 4 revisions before that. The original bg sketch was done back in June), but can’t seem to execute it the way I see it in my head. I totally screwed up the skeleton… now I’m waiting for it to dry before I can try it again.

Also, faces in profile are my toughest draw. They always look wrong, so I tend to just do a mass of hair covering where the face would be…

Here are some of the steps that I remembered to take pics of:




asking to slow things down & therapy coupons!

I was able to leave TL a message earlier today asking her if we could slow down a bit. I was able to express that I am really triggered and overwhelmed between sessions, and that it is making me question returning each week… :gulp!:

I am in the process of trying to come up with a new list of things to talk about for this week’s session. Closer to session time, I will leave her another message asking if she could help remind me to address the list (I forgot to ask her in the above message, and I don’t want to go over-board with the message thing just yet. I’m sure I will get there eventually, but for now I am exercising self-control)…

On another note, an online friend and I have agreed to exchange “therapy coupons”. They are aimed at helping make sessions go a bit easier, or at helping us address difficult things. I had sent mine out last week, and this week I got the ones my friend sent. I LOVE them!!!!

wpid-20140915_171445.jpgShe made me: 1) An Ounce of Patience (lol, for when I will be trying TL’s last nerve!), 2) One moment of Inspiration (therapeutic or otherwise), 3) Courage for Two (that 20 seconds of insane courage to start on something difficult to address), 4) A Daring Intervention (accepting an unusual or uncomfortable intervention that TL may suggest, within reason), & 5) One Free Trespass (to help when talking about difficult, shameful, scary, embarrassing, hurtful, or otherwise “inaccessible” topics).

wpid-wp-1410839089008.jpegThese are the ones I made her: 1) A Moment of Inspiration, 2) A Daring Intervention, 3) An Ounce of Patience, 4) Courage for Two.

Most of them are meant to be re-used multiple times (some have restrictions around use, but the user can modify that if they choose… though my friend disagrees on that point. I just don’t want to have to throw the ones I was given out because they are way too cool to be disposable). I’m definitely taking the ones I got in to show TL on Saturday.

UPDATED art-therapy project – Inside Out Box – WIP

I follow this wonderful art therapy journal blog called Girl in Therapy.  She did a project called an Inside Out Box, and I was fascinated by the idea;  I wanted to give it a try myself.  I started with one idea, and it has evolved/is still evolving.

Michael’s had a sale on Black Friday that had their photo and memory boxes priced at 5 for $7.  I was not originally going to pick any up (I was only supposed to get a mug for L because she really liked the one she had picked up for me… note to self: don’t go shopping with more money than I should be spending), but I really liked one of them with little owls on it.  Then I thought L might want one to decorate.  Then I thought I want one to decorate.  Before I knew it, I had picked out 5…

IMG_20131129_220118_zps0f12d1b7Anyway, I had no real idea what to do at first.  The idea is to make the outside representative of what you present to the world, and the inside is what you really feel/are.  We recently picked up a bunch of older National Geographics as well as other nature magazines.  I was just going to cut stuff out and paste it all over the front of the box complete with some more inspirational sayings, positive thoughts, and the concept of helping others with a smile on my face… I sat staring at my box (I had picked a black one, thinking that the black showing through the spaces between the pics was representative of the darkness that sometimes seeps out through the cracks).  I stared at the pile of magazines, and the plethora of other art supplies we have strewn all over the dining room.  I headed for some already-cut-out collaging supplies.  I found a postcard with a really neat pic on it.  I wanted to use it, but I wanted my box to be a bit more “jazzy” (and I just didn’t feel like cutting and pasting at the moment).  I spotted the box of Crayola Model Magic on the other side of the table.  I started playing around with it, and ended up making my take of the image on the card (a heart with headphones on).  I had more red left over (the stuff dries out even when stored in ziplock baggies), so I decided to make another heart, this time with black veining on it (similar to the concept of a painting I did a few months ago, but this heart was stylized).  I think it came out ok, but needed to wait for it to dry.  I found some more stuff I wanted to put both inside and outside of the box.  Then I waited.

IMG_20131201_121645_zpsae9384dfWhile waiting for the foamy “clay” to dry (really a p.i.t.a in a climate where it’s humid all the time… going on 3 days and it’s not totally dry yet?!), I started thinking about the inside of the box some more.  I found paper waves that I had originally wanted to put on the outside representing my love of all things water.  It didn’t work out.  So inside they went (I was originally going to just store them there until I figured out how to make use of them). The way they landed, it looked like it could be representative of me feeling like I’m drowning in myself.  Ok, cool.  I will use them like that.  Then what?  I scanned the room, picked through scrapping supplies, thought of sculpting something, then remembered I had purchased a Halloween bag of decorative stones.  In it, there were a few skulls and bones.    I grabbed a few and arranged them on one side of the box.  They were glued into place.  Next?  Hmm… I had an idea, but it did not work out (really kinda sad about that, because it’s more of what I want to do with the box).  I found a little shower curtain in the scrapping supplies.  I snagged it (great idea for scrapping, but crappy to work with in 2-D).  That will be the divider between the “skeletons” and the other half of the inside space.  I was still hung up on the original doll idea I had, but no way to make it work.

IMG_20131201_121437_zps647a47efI sat staring at the table again this morning, and spotted some bat-patterned ribbon I had snagged (I am obsessed with Halloween – definitely my favorite holiday of all time).  I like the idea of bats flying out of the “closet” when the curtain is opened.  I thought of using the ribbon, but it was cumbersome.  I had some black in the Model Magic, so I went about making a bunch of little bat silhouettes.  They will be placed on little wires that will allow them to bounce and wiggle when the box is moved or the curtain slid away.  I wanted some of the bats to not be flat, so I laid them against a sculpture I had done last week or the week before.  When I took pics of the little bats for “in progress” shots, the pic made it look like they were flying out of the sculpture.  Ok, so now that will also go into the box (I just have to figure out how to make it fit.  It’s just about 1/2″ taller than the box, and I want the lid to fit appropriately).

IMG_20131201_121527_zps2ba03b97I also wanted to incorporate my love of reptiles into the box.  I thought of making some little “clay” ones to wrap around the doll, but since I am not really sure how to make the doll work, I am making a free-standing snake.  It will have dual-symbolism to it.  I made it a little black monocled cobra hooded-up.  I want it to somewhat feed into the stereotypes of snakes as scary and unwanted, but also as something that is misunderstood by a lot of people.  The threat display is to keep others at bay, but it also represents my own fears – scary but also really just scared itself.  I’m not 100% sure of his placement yet, but he’s going on the inside.

Anyway, so the box has skeletons, bats, barriers, water, a snake, and a (poorly done) woman tearing her own heart out on the inside of it; with a heart on the inside of the lid that is slowly being over-taken by blackness.  The outside is still pretty blank except for the very top, which will have that heart listening to music once the stupid stuff dries.  It has come a long way from what I originally envisioned, but I’m really liking it.  There’s that doll element that I wish I could execute correctly, but it’s not something I would necessarily show anyone other than De anyway. I guess it’s not so bad that I can’t figure it out for this box.  Maybe it will be an add-on piece I do later, or I will just describe it to De…


well, 10 hours later and things have moved along quite nicely.  Instead of describing everything in detail, I will just put up some pics… (1. the inside of the lid, 2. the curtain view, 3. a side view, 4. the other view of the sides.  5. the “closet” view, and 6. the bits and pieces yet to finished/added)


IMG_20131201_223151_zpsd50aeada IMG_20131201_223110_zpscb30d790 IMG_20131201_223025_zpsbbdfd64c IMG_20131201_222952_zps6c106db2 IMG_20131201_222902_zps1453db6a