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things to remember:

Someone on a forum had asked about advice learned in therapy that was useful/imperative/good to know… I had originally listed only the first 4, but felt the others were important to add for myself here. (most are paraphrased, as they have come from various therapists over the years)

  1. consider the source of the advice when considering the advice itself. If you don’t want the life of the person giving it, don’t take the advice…
  2. you matter. people care about you, but they can also be frustrated with you. it doesn’t mean you don’t matter anymore, just means they reached a breaking point within themselves.
  3. eat chocolate if it makes you feel better…
  4. do what you can, when you can.
  5. I am worth arguing with the negative voice.
  6. get off the train.
  7. remember to breathe! (heard this from a few therapists… hmm… trend maybe?)
  8. just because it happened many times in the past does not mean it’s definitely going to happen in the present or the future.

sleep, finally

Sleep is so, so, so, so important… I hadn’t been able to sleep well for the last several weeks.  Last night, after a really rough day, I took Benadryl and it actually worked.  I slept about 8 hours!!!!  I feel so much better this morning.  I’m still having some body memories, but they are easier to deal with when I’m not also horrifically sleep-deprived.  It’s much easier to “get off the train” of spiraling thoughts.  It’s easier to breathe… Now I just have to keep up the sleep 😉

Just Breathe

Told De about some stuff today that made her ask some questions which made me wonder. I asked my mom, and she said something may have happened, but she is not sure. She only remembers suspicions being raised about someone.  When she told me who it was, it clicked that he looked a lot like a man in my nightmares as a kid, not exactly the same, but very close.

Been really checked out since my appointment.  Lost time between ending with her at 2, and later calling her at almost 5. Continued losing some time in spurts, though not as long this time, only a few minutes.  Called De back about it and mentioned what my mom said.  She said it was normal to be bothered by the possibility of more stuff… I just don’t know what to do with it all. Trying not to let it bother me much.

De and I worked on affirmation-type stuff (but not really affirmations because they don’t work for me). One of them was about getting off the runaway trains of thought.  That has been my mantra today.


That and “just breathe”…

And because this song kicks ass (though it may be triggering to some):

(yes, I have very eclectic musical tastes… I have all on my iPod)