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internet presence

I had a panic attach.  I searched my name on the internet and found a whole ton of information.  Accurate information.  Complete information.  It scared the crap out of me.  I had always wondered how bitch found me all those times… how can you escape a stalker if all your info is out there for the world to see?  how can I erase it?  oh shit. oh shit. oh shit… someone tell me how to disappear. please?


blog anonymity issues with gravatar profile and multiple blogs…

I have a few other blogs that I created after this one. One of the blogs, I would like to make more public with my friends and family as it is a fun blog of our adventures in beer.  I don’t really want to connect it to this blog however.  I was looking around and found that my gravatar profile has this as the main blog, so if I ever comment on something that is related to the beer blog, this one will show up.  I also do not want that blog showing up when I comment on something related to this one… Do any of you know a way to keep them completely separate from each other while still being able to post all from one spot?  I do not want to have to port that blog to another account simply for ease-of-posting reasons.  This one is certainly not going anywhere though.  I really would prefer to keep this one anonymous… The more I think of it, the more it’s looking like I will have to ask WordPress to move that blog to another account (if they can even do that)… anyone have problems like this before?  I really enjoy the ease of posting all from one spot.  I do not have to sign out and back in all the time either on my phone or on the computer.  I just don’t necessarily want this blog to lose its anonymity.  I wish I would have paid more attention to all that before I put so much effort into that blog from this account.  oops!

Ok, well, I solved that by transferring the blog completely.  It’s a pain in the butt for posting purposes, but I want to keep these separate.  If anyone has better ideas for accomplishing quick & easy posting while maintaining anonymity, please speak up!  😉