I feel like I’m watching the start of last year happen all over again, but this time to my cousin… her dog died quite suddenly earlier this year; her dad has been in the hospital for the better part of two months now, and he’s just been getting worse… I’m really hoping he pulls through…

I feel weird having so much emotion over this. We didn’t really have contact with them growing up (mostly because of my dad’s behavior and attitude and controlling ways). Add to that my dissociation, and I struggle to find much reason for connection… but it’s there. I feel more connected to my uncle (whom I’ve met maybe a handful of times) than to my dad…

I’m worried about him & my aunt & my cousins, and my mom. I want him to pull through, but it doesn’t sound good right now…

Can you send some positive healing vibes out into the universe for him? He could really use it…


What are your thoughts?

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