When anger bubbles

I’m finding that I’m really hating myself in a bunch of situations. I’m finding rage bubbles up, or I’m losing my temper, or in letting other people’s emotions influence my own. I’m finding I mirror the attitudes of those I’m around, and a lot of times its crappy attitudes. 

Today, it struck me again how much I dislike myself when I work with a particular colleague. She’s often in a bad mood and expressing it without much restraint. I’m noticing when I work with her, I’m more intolerant and more short-tempered than I’d like. I yell more easily, get frustrated more easily, and become unintentionally rough when correcting the dogs… I didn’t always used to be that way, but it’s happening more now. It’s certainly not her fault,  as I’ve noticed I’ve had times of bubbling rage, but it’s more easily triggered around her…

I need to be more on top of this. I need to be more aware, and return to my center faster when the anger is triggered. I need to be better at the self-control around my anger. I hate to turn into my dad…


One response to “When anger bubbles

  • Preslee

    From my own experience, it’s hard to be your own person when you don’t know yourself. I have had a hard time being me when my personality shifts so frequently.
    Anger has become a major issue for me. Especially when I’m around other negative people. Sometimes the easiest way to handle it is to pace yourself, and if that means taking a step away from the person your around then you have to do it. I make time for myself at work…if that means I take more bathroom breaks than the next person then so be it. But I need just a few minutes of quiet to refocus. Sometimes it helps.

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