One response to “Question on dissociated trauma memories

  • alicewithptsd

    Hmmmmm. I’m not really sure how to describe processed trauma memories. Honestly, the only memory I think is “fully” processed is one that has come up often. It’s not even an actual trauma trauma memory, but sort of an after the trauma happened memory– and it has been traumatic on its own and caused nightmares and flashbacks. So, it’s a memory that has been talked through in detail, as well as brought up using the shorthand Bea and I use, and then was processed with some sensorimotor stuff. So it’s been this memory that’s come up again and again the last two years of therapy. It wasn’t this big sudden change, more like gradually it got easier and less scary to talk about. Gradually, I started to feel as if I were talking about something that happened a long time ago to 9 year old Alice, instead of feeling as if I were talking about something while it was happening to me or something that just happened. It still hurts a lot and I still cry sometimes when I think about it, but it feels much more past than present. I think that’s what processed memories feel like. I hope that helps. It’s really a confusing thing, and I imagine it’s a little different for everyone. Xx Alice

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