Damaging things adults say to kids (link) 

Damaging things adults say to kids… http://erinjanus.com/6-psychologically-damaging-things-adults-say-to-children-all-the-time/

To this day, I still have trouble crying, let alone doing it in front of anyone (and how this was challenged yesterday as I grieved the death of a favorite pet both as she was being put down, and a few hours after)… 

Another one that sticks with me too this day, and prevents me from explaining myself or saying much at all most of the time was “don’t talk back” (similarly final as the “because I said so” in the article). There was no defending yourself, clearing up misunderstandings, or speaking at all while being reprimanded. You took the wrath and punishment regardless of fairness, and you simply did what you were told…


One response to “Damaging things adults say to kids (link) 

  • alicewithptsd

    I didn’t read the list, but I know how damaging things said by parents can be, and how those messages last and last. My mom had– has–so many little sayings. “Smile. You are too pretty to frown.” Or “this cupcake won’t taste as good tomorrow when it’s on your hips.” Ugh. I really feel for you, and I’m sorry.

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