Good news first: Dr C is back. Had group yesterday, and will have individual on Monday. 

It was good to be back in group, though I found my self very self-focused. I didn’t know how to meaningfully engage with the other members at first. It took almost till the end of group to get back into the groove. 

Dr C had given us the option of sticking around for a brief individual session after group, but I just couldn’t get past shame and feeling like I would be wasting her time. I left with everyone else at the end of group. I was regretting it as I was doing it, but I did it anyway. At least I have individual on Monday, so the wait to talk to her one on one is not that much longer…

Now, on to the stress… we’ve recently been relegated to one car again. My car is close to being mechanically shot (I could drop $1200 on repairs, but I may need an additional $6500 shortly after that…that would be well over the value of the car)… so we are working on repairing L’s car, since the total repairs will still be less than what we could get in trade for her. It’s not that we really have that much $ to spend on car repair, but we need to get around. 

Aside of transportation stresses (it’s difficult to find an economical way to get to work when work is 30 minutes away and no coworkers live out by you and the only car in the household is in the shop), one of the dogs was sick, and I’ve had to put off either a second opinion or euthanasia for the snake simply because there are no funds left. She’s on heavy medication to help make her more comfortable at the moment. I’ll have funds for a final vet visit in a week, so her headache will finally be over… I’m totally heartbroken, but I also know I can’t let her keep struggling and suffering. 

So, yeah. Just a few stresses to talk about with Dr C on Monday…


What are your thoughts?

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