I’m so tired:

  • Of feeling like crap all the time
  • Of never getting enough sleep
  • Of getting over one hurdle to be tripped up by the next
  • Of constantly feeling like my body is not my own because of body memories
  • Of never getting anywhere in life
  • Of this unending cycle

I’m just so tired…

Why does my wife even put up with me? 

2 responses to “Gaaaaah!

  • depressionistheenemy

    It sounds like you have a lot on your plate – try to make a succinct list of small, realistically achievable goals. Keep the list itself short. Just try to challenge your bad habits/behaviours one small step at a time. That tends to work for me anyway

  • Neloran

    Oh man, it sounds like you are going through a rough time. I can very much relate to every single bullet point. I like was depressionistheenemy suggested.

    Healing is hard, but remaining still is even harder. And to do that for a moment to try to list out small, realistically achievable goals requires a lot of stillness.

    Be safe!


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