I’m feeling impatient and restless.

I feel like I’m trapped with no outlet…

I’m not sure what to do with myself.

I feel stuck.

Inside my head, I’m pacing like mad.

I think I might scream (a silent, wordless scream)

It’s a lot like the feeling of running from something, only I feel like I’m running in place…

There isn’t enough distraction here (here being at home, in my head, in the moment…)




3 responses to “ugh…

  • Laura Black

    I know that feeling. For me, it’s being desperate to get away from myself, because I am so full of everything. One thing that helps – I go out for a drive and actually scream as loud as I can in the car. It shifts something, and is preferable to those awful silent screams that build up inside. Hope you get some relief soon x

    • Samantha Jane

      Thank you.
      I wonder if I’d have the courage to scream in the car, even if I were alone and no one could see or hear me… there’s always this huge fear that I will be noticed (and subsequently punished).

      • Laura Black

        Yeah I get that. It took me a while to work up the courage. Maybe just think about it when you’re driving somewhere. Or start small, just shout a swear word or something and see how it feels!

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