I find myself wanting to cry at the drop of a hat… I’m ok as long as the distractions are there, but as soon as they subside, giant tidal waves of emotion take over.

I’m grieving something I thought I had. It’s mixed with depression and hopelessness…

I’m not sure exactly how to handle it.

Dr C believes it will all be ok in the end.

Right now it just feels like I’m drowning.

2 responses to “Grief…

  • Lydia H

    Grief is hard. It’s normal for it to be more present when you’re not distracting yourself. It’s important to let yourself grieve.
    Bright blessings

  • Denice

    I would love to recommend you read a book by Francis Weller called “The Wild Edge of Sorrow”. It’s Ok to grieve. Society has made it so that we can get on with life quickly. If our parent passes away they give us 4 or 5 days off work. If you experience a life threatening trauma, they expect you to be back at work as soon as you possibly can. Well guess what? Grieve. Speak your truth. Find people to reach out to as you’ve done here and you will be able to live again. I’m still in the grieving process from going through an event I never thought I would experience. But here I am. Take care of yourself. You will be ok.

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