Daily Archives: February 13, 2016

Woke up too early

Yesterday after work, I came home and promptly fell asleep (in the middle of texting a friend!).  I slept hard for 2.5 hours, and really didn’t want to wake up at the point I did. I forced myself all the way awake though, and headed out to run some quick errands. 4 hours later, I had picked L up from work, we had dinner out, and returned home. We watched a few episodes of Nurse Jackie, then both of us crawled into bed…

I awake at 4:29 to one of the cats making a lot of noise. I had expected to fall back asleep, but I guess the earlier nap has thrown me off again. It’s now 6 am and I’m still wide awake.

It’s been over a month now that I can’t sleep well. My body and brain are exhausted most of the time, but it doesn’t seem to help. At least I’m getting some sleep though. I get about 4-6 hours a night. It’s still manageable. I just wish it were more.

L took a 3 day weekend (a first since my move back up here). Our plans are simply to do whatever we want… now if only I could sleep through the night 😉