I used to be able to spend entire days in the company of other humans and still function when I got home. Today I spent a few hours with a friend after my therapy appointment and I can barely function now. I’ve always been an introvert who needed her time to recharge, but it feels particularly brutal today.

Overall it was a good day, I’m just really, really tired now…

In therapy we talked about the concept of putting on masks both as a child to keep up the facade of a happy family, and more recently to keep the facade of a functioning adult. There aren’t as many masks today, but they are still very practiced and easy to slip on. Dr C reminded me that I can be my genuine self with her (she wants me to be)… It’s so easy to be fake that it’s now second nature. I actually have to think about doing it to be able to drop it… go figure. It’s exhausting to fake appearances, but it’s actually more exhausting to drop the mask…


What are your thoughts?

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