Therapy is kicking my ass…

Went in today to process what came up yesterday. In doing so, we hit upon some other hugely emotionally charged things…

For some reason, her apologizing for a mistake (something I don’t see as her mistake so much as mine) triggered a huge overwhelm of fear. All I could do was apologize and ask her not to be mad at me in a barely-audible whisper…

Now I’m exhausted. Not quite sure how I made it home. I should have taken her up on the offer to hang out in one of the rooms for a while. It just didn’t feel comfortable. And once I managed to will energy into my body to move from the chair, I figured I might as well go to the car where I could blast my music…

I might be asleep by the time L gets home. Not sure I can stay awake right now…

(On the way home from therapy, Good Enough by Sarah McLachlan, Telling Stories by Tracy Chapman, and Angels & Airwaves by Angel Haze came on the ipod, in that order… fit perfectly).


One response to “Therapy is kicking my ass…

  • Sirena

    Sorry you had such a hard session. Therapy does kick our asses but we’ll be better for it in the end. You’re doing great work. 🙂

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