there’s so much wrong with our prison systems…

…but maybe this could help?

Brining nature to solitary confinement

After all, every demon has it’s reasons. I’m a big proponent of looking at the stresses faced by anyone prior to their committing a crime (well, any behavior really). I want to look at their lives and their environments to see if I can figure out what went wrong (so much of the time, it’s more than the average person would know how to handle. It makes sense that they might choose the path they did). Providing further psychological torture really just makes things worse, not better. I’m glad someone is taking the initiative to try this out. I hope they keep it up.

I know for myself, getting out into nature is a huge relief. It’s one of the reasons I like to surround myself with it even at home (one bedroom wall is all vivariums and reptile enclosures). I want to bring myself as close to nature as I can get…


What are your thoughts?

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