A wonderful afternoon

The wife and I spent the afternoon with the kids. We carved large pumpkins, painted smaller ones, watched Hocus Pocus, and had a grand time enjoying the activities and each other’s company.

As much as I wanted to bawl my eyes out before we got there, getting lost in the moment with the family helped me move out of that frame of mind.

I’m once again anxious about the upcoming fundraiser on Tuesday (for domestic violence awareness), but there was some escape during the day today. I also settled on calling the piece “finished” (mostly because I turn it in tomorrow). I just need some paint to finish drying, and to figure out a frame, and it’s good to go…

I’m glad today was planned with the kids, and I’m glad I was able to immerse myself in the moment to fully enjoy it. We all need that total immersion in something outside ourselves from time to time ❤


What are your thoughts?

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