I have no nifty title for this…

My brain feels like mush lately. I feel as if I’ve been running non-stop for weeks (when in actuality, it’s only been 5 days… and they were not even consecutive days). I can’t hold a conversation or pay attention to much of anything.

I have therapy in about an hour. This should be fun with mush-brain… at least I have some stuff written out that I can show her, and my first art journal…

My brother and his wife had their baby on Tuesday 😀 Went to see her that day for a short time. They are going to be awesome parents! (Though it’s a bit weird to think my little brother has a kid). I want to go back and see her again, but I know they need their time to get adjusted. L and I are hoping to head there Sunday for a bit…

Really have to take some time today and try to clean the house. We never did it this past weekend, and it shows in a big way…

Little dog is coming to therapy with me. He’s been locked up a lot this week, and I feel bad telling him he’d have to be locked up yet again… He will also be a good balance for the session. There’s some heavy stuff that’s been making waves in my brain for a while now, and I really want to address at least some of it. Having Little Dog there will give me an easy grounding object (or so I hope).

Anyway, sorry for the jumpy nature of this post. Hopefully I will be back to reading and writing with more regularity soon.


One response to “I have no nifty title for this…

  • gmgoetz

    Hope therapy with you and little dog went well. Congrats on becoming an aunt. You can claim spoiling privileges.
    Try not to be hard on yourself. Take care of yourself.

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