Here and now trying to settle in

So, we moved. The drive took about 36 hours. We stopped to visit friends and slept over along the way. A few frogs stowed away in my plants. Oops…

Now comes the wait for the stuff to arrive as well as working on settling in what we managed to fit into the car. The reptiles are in their temporary (and cramped) homes. The dogs are learning the routine. The cats are getting accustomed to the bedroom (though that may not be where they remain)…

Much of our things in storage here have gotten moldy, so even if we tried to hang on to things for the return, they now need replacing. It took me over an hour yesterday to make coffee because I couldn’t find anything to cut open the bag with… I ran to the dollar store for scissors.

Been running around trying to get odds and ends replaced on a really tight budget. We’ve spent several hundred we didn’t account for all because the things in storage got moldy. Hopefully next week I will have the energy to start a claim.

I’m exhausted from this move. The last week before leaving, I might have totaled 4 hours of sleep the entire week. The day we left, I had maybe an hour… I cried at everything and nothing. It sucked. I could barely function. As a result, a lot was left there and undone. I have to go back at some point to grab the rest of my stuff and to help my mom clean…

Speaking of tired, I’m still really exhausted. I hope this entry makes sense… just wanted to update that the move happened, and now is time for getting back into the groove up here…


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