Technical question

Can people see your private posts? What about those with passwords? I have another blog strictly for therapy (came about from needing to communicate between sessions with De,  who did not use email). Last week, the stats on that blog showed activity. No one other than myself has had access to it since I stopped seeing De, but the stats show views from another country. Can others see the contents of that blog? I’ve since set it to a totally private blog (needing to be an approved, registered user to access it), but I’m wondering if this person was able to actually see anything?

It’s stuff that is not meant for eyes other than mine and sometimes my therapist… I’ve had too many instances of people reading my physical journals, so I stopped writing there. People have gone through my email accounts, so that’s not happening. I’ve not found a secure and reliable journaling program (lost access to several journals because the apps or programs failed or lost data). I don’t want to lose the one last safer place to write things that are not meant for most eyes…


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