really? that’s how you found me?

have you ever just browsed your stats to see how people find your blog?

I was casually looking before coming to post an art-related entry, and I stopped in my tracks & did a double-take when I read the only search term used to find me today:

search term used to find my blog

really? That is how you find me? I mean, I’m all for people stumbling onto this blog and maybe finding it helpful, but… ?! sorry to disappoint. nothing even close to any of that here. yes. each of those words, individually, may have been used as tags in my posts, but definitely not together like that… ::sigh::

smh around search engines that pop up blogs like this when people are clearly looking for something else…

seriously though, I’m pretty accepting of individual kink, but try not to harm or traumatized anyone while following your passions. black gay porn? sure, go for it! just leave the dog out of it (though I guess if you get off on watching dogs do it with other dogs, that’s ok, just don’t participate or force anything…). bestiality doesn’t exactly involve consent on the part of the animal, so I can’t condone that. consent and respect are huge deals in the realm of sexual activities.

if it was you, and you kept looking around here, more power to you for being disappointed but plugging on… lol.

WordPress and whatever search engine popped up my blog in response to that search term, you may want to check your algorithms… though I felt the need to add that search phrase into my tags, so now more people looking for that will find me easier, haha… oye!



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