Following your dreams…

not mine exactly, but the concept of following your dreams…

For almost as long as I can remember (which, admittedly is not all that long), my brother talked about becoming an animator. He kicked ass at art, but hated school. He sucked it up though, and attended a trade school for a degree in 3D animation. He now works at Blue Sky Studios (think the Ice Age series, Rio 1&2, Epic… and now the Peanuts!!). He’s living his dream.

I often told him I was jealous of his abilities. He’s creative and technically sound with his creativity. And he’s super-well-rounded. Heck, his latest “side projects” have included designing & programming a “virtual butler” to automate his cubicle, fabricating survival knives, building a crib for my niece-in-the-works, as well as various other mechanical & technical engineering “dabbles”… I am the stupidest person in my immediate family (I had originally written simply “family”, but I must say I’m miles above bitch). They are all heady & science-minded. My parents read accounting, calculus, law, and quantum physics for fun?!?!!!!… Me? I smear paint on paper and get a headache from anything mathematical. I do have an interest in biology & psych, but neither of those are considered “real” sciences (at least by my father. My mom & bro are cool with it… Hmm, no wonder I like them better 😉 )

Anyway, I digress. The new Peanuts trailer came out recently, and I wanted to share it with you and brag a bit that my very talent brother joins the rest of the very talented Blue Sky team in creating a true-to-2D-but-still-3D rendition of the great Charles Shultz characters. I am so psyched to see this when it comes out. I kinda wish I had put in my resume back in ’12 when they were doing a massive hire, but I didn’t think I’d get anywhere with it. My artistic abilities are squat compared to people who work there… Maybe they would hire me for the front desk? I dunno.  Anyway, I want to see the movie when it comes out in November. (apparently, my brother is a lazy butt and won’t walk to the theater on the other side of the studio to watch it, so you are seeing this even before some of the people who worked on it… to his credit, it is quite a walk. The building is huge and maze-like).


What are your thoughts?

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