PMS again?!

I’m having all the symptoms today: moodiness, crying at the drop of a hat, insatiable cravings, cramps, acne breakouts galore, eating non-stop…

Thing is, we just went thought all this last week.

I know stress can throw off a cycle, but to cause it twice in less than 10 days?

I hope it’s just stress, and nothing else. I have no gyn here, nor am I willing to find one on short notice…


Sometimes being a woman really sucks.



8 responses to “PMS again?!

  • S.G

    Have you tried eating healthy, I’m not sure what your diet is like, but when I eat less sugar and salt and just eat cleaner in general, my PMS symptoms lessen considerably.

    • Samantha Jane

      I should look into that. I totally suck with my diet. The more stressed I get, the more I only eat comfort foods… I try not to think to much about my diet most days because I trip easily back into restricting. I haven’t been active with my ed for almost 15 years now, but I catch myself following those lines of thinking quite automatically sometimes. I never did learn a health balance. Maybe up north I will try a nutritionist to help keep from getting too extreme.
      Is there anything in particular you find to help with sticking to it?

      • S.G

        Hi, yes,I find to get back into healthy eating really hard and I start by simply upping the amount of water I drink, for some reason that keeps me mindful of what I’m putting in my body. But I’ve swapped sugar for stevia which is natural sugar. Swapped cows milk for almond milk, full fat butter instead of margarine, never drink soda. I try to buy gluten free stuff cos I bloat less on it. I eat lots of fruit that I like. I bought a juicer and blender. That helps too. The more I convert to cleaner food the easier it becomes. The detox in the first few days suck! I’m not great at sticking to it, hence the weight gain.
        Did u watch the video I put up that links depression with diet? It was super interesting and talked about why antidepressants don’t work.

      • Samantha Jane

        The fruits and veggies are relatively easy for me, though I find I easy a lot less of them here. My mom had very weird food rules. She Also doesn’t like to have food in the house. She likes maybe 5 things, and that is all she will buy. I tend to need more variety. I think that’s helping me mess up my eating. I have not looked at that video. I don’t much have patience for videos longer than about 30 seconds… is there a wrote up on it I can slim through?
        The one thing I’m n not sure I can give up is sugar. When I don’t have it around, I go overboard. I’m scared to try all the sugar alternatives because I’m allergic to some of the fake ones. It kinda has me gun shy. I’d rather just cut down on my intake than switch that… though ben&Jerry’s… (drooling at the thought)…
        Anyway. Yeah. I will look into the diet thing. Meds definitely work to destabilize me more than help, so they are rarely an option.
        Want to do this carefully though, because I’m already catching myself mentally counting calories vs activity level vs various food options…

      • S.G

        Stevia is a natural alternative and doesn’t have the asparatame which is basically evil. You could used honesy as a sweetner though?
        I don’t think there’s any articles accompanying those videos but if i find anything I’ll let you know.

      • Samantha Jane

        Bee vomit? I’m good, thanks šŸ˜‰ lol, I will look around for articles also.

      • S.G

        lol. bee vomit is yummy !

      • Samantha Jane

        Nope. No way. Lol! šŸ˜‰

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