holy panic!

I just agreed to join the ranks of “Admin” for an online PTSD support forum. I had been asked a few times over the past year, and have declined every time. This time, I decided to get more info about what was involved. It seemed too much, but I told the group’s creator that I could help out here and there… She announced it on the board, and suddenly the panic set in. I nearly cried. I apologized and ran out of there.

What did I get myself into?

This is along the lines of work I have done for years. It’s what my degrees are in. It’s what all my experience is in… it’s also what has led to numerous triggered episodes and heavy burn-out. Can I do this? :gulp!:

The pros:

  • I like helping people.
  • It’s not like I will need to give notice if it gets overwhelming and need to step down
  • It’s just online
  • They are aware of my limited availability,
  • It’s not in a therapeutic, professional capacity
  • It’s just rule enforcement and peer support
  • I can still look to the group for support as needed…

The cons:

  • PANIC!!!!!!
  • Having to be more of a support when I am used to going there for support,
  • Needing to keep on top of making sure people are following the rules,
  • Potentially confronting nuisance members,
  • Having made a commitment to pay close attention to something that I can’t even regularly get alerts for because it gets overwhelming.

Ok. Just have to remember to breathe. I can give it a try for a bit, and I can back out if need be. The creator of the group is aware of my hesitation. She was clearly ok enough with my limited availability and reliability… It will be ok. Just breathe…


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