Does anyone else shudder when the media reports advances in slowing the aging process or promoting living longer?

I’m so cooked on my life. I do not want anything extending it beyond what would be a natural ending…

It’s not that I do not love the people in my life (because those I have chosen to keep around mean the world to me), but… the depression never lets up for long. I don’t want more of this.

I’ve recently read (ok, skimmed) at least 3 articles on advances in understanding aging that may lead to slowing the process or extending life. Please no! It’s hard enough to think of another year like this, forget any additional years on top of the decades I’m “supposed” to have left (because life expectancy for women in my family is well into their 90’s on my dad’s side and 80’s on my mom’s)…


What are your thoughts?

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