change is hard…

I am still struggling so much this weekend.

The one thing keeping me from completely falling apart is the mantra that “I can never get past this point if I keep reacting the same way as I always have…”

Yes, the fear of dealing with all this is huge. Yes, I want to self-destruct more than almost anything… but that “almost” is the hope that maybe this time I can change things. This time, if I don’t fall head-long into crisis (self-harming severely, making risky decisions about safety, winding up in the hospital…), I can finally get through to some progress. I can maybe finally settle my past into the past. Maybe this time I can find a way through the darkness…

So I talk back to the voice in my head that tells me to shred my body, or that tells me to quietly end my life.

I really don’t like that I caused TM to be worried about me. I don’t like that my wife worries, or my mom. I don’t like that my dog gives me that look when she sees me in bed too long, or wrestling the desire to whip out a blade… She was there the first time I seriously attempted to take my life. She stayed far away from me for weeks after that. She came to me for the basics, but nothing else. I see that same worried look on her face again. The other dog will try to coax me out of bed. I hate that I worry them…

So I’m still here. I’m distracting and reaching out, and finding that “pattern interrupt” that TM wants me to find.

I spent time at the beach again today. I might do the same tomorrow… I need to keep doing things differently than I have in the past.


It would be so much easier to just give in and cut, or OD, or disappear… but I can’t do that. So I keep pushing myself to not fall into the old ruts. I’m sure I’ll slip up, but for now I’m trying.


4 responses to “change is hard…

  • weareonebyruth

    Changing patterns is difficult but so worth it. Hugs

  • S.G

    So much easier in the short term to do those things, but they keep you exactly where you are, in this loop. That thought had helped me get through too, ” if I keep doing the same thing over and over then I can’t change anything.” It’s a good thing to keep thinking. Glad you’re getting out to the beach, do you take the dogs?

    • Samantha Jane

      It is. And is “safer” because I know the outcome. But ultimately is not what I want… I didn’t take the dogs to the beach. There’s only 1 beach that allows them, and they are back to charging per dog, per visit (they had stopped for a while when there was construction nearby,but since they finished the construction, they are back to charging). Maybe next weekend I will take one of them with me.

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