experimenting with ink

In hopes of trying to recreate my own version of this Donna Downey canvas in my art journal, I ventured into the world of printer ink. I can’t afford spray inks. They are just too costly at $5+ a 4oz bottle. I also don’t have the cash for any airbrush extender medium to help turn my acrylics into useful spray ink… So I grabbed some of the bulk printer ink we have chilling in the office. I was hoping for something akin to the coverage provided by liquid acrylics or drawing ink. I got neither. Turns out the ink we have has some kind of oil base to it. Acrylic acts as a resist, and it dries a charcoal gray color (assuming it will every dry completely).

wpid-20150316_130107.jpgIt gave me the darker over-all look, but not quite as nice on coverage as I hoped (also, I forgot to attach my masks to the page, so they went flying when I sprayed them).

I had originally intended to try using food coloring (someone on YouTube had made some spray inks from the Wilton food color gels), but when I checked the ingredients, it had high fructose corn syrup and regular corn syrup among the first 5 ingredients. Living in a sub-tropical climate that is bug-friendly, I thought this may be a bad idea. I ordered some concentrated liquid food coloring online, but it has not arrived yet (expected at the end of the week). I was getting bored waiting, and had found our supply of bulk black ink while digging around for other stuff in the office. It sprays ok, but to get the saturation I was looking for, I needed to apply a fairly heavy coat of it. Needless to say, I feel my journal may take several weeks to dry. I guess that’s ok though. TM will probably not be available tomorrow anyway even if she is back 😦


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