Well then…

Just got a call from TM’s office. She’s out sick today.

I had kinda expected this, but it still sucks… the receptionist asked if I wanted TM to call tomorrow about rescheduling for this week, or if I wanted to keep next week. I think this week would be preferable. I guess I won’t expect anything to materialize for sure. I think I’ve become a bit gun shy around actually ever getting another session with her.

Now, do I bring up my doubts around her being there for our next scheduled appointment whenever it is that I speak with her? Or do I just hope she doesn’t cancel again?

:/ It’s weird that I had contacted JF recently because the canceling happening with TM is reminding me of the canceling that happened with CS before I transferred to JF because of the absences. Is that how this is going to end up? Am I going to wind up switching again? 😦 I know it ended up being good with JF, but… I don’t want to keep doing this “building trust” thing. It’s so exhausting. 


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