unintentional spillage (Updated with journal pic)

Went to my regular art journal class last night, and it ended up just being the teacher and I (I guess there was a glitch in the sign-up system that prevented people from registering). Anyway, we somehow got around to talking about therapy and mh issues. I guess she has a friend who is struggling, and was interested in hearing my experiences with stuff. She said she was at a loss for how to help her friend… I hadn’t intended on telling her the extent of the stuff I did, but I guess it was good, another person that may know a bit more about me. Now to see if TL’s statement about being “genuine” holds  true about attracting other genuine people.

I have yet to take a pic of the journal page I did, though I think it came out ok. It definitely needs more work, but that will have to wait. On my way out of the class, I turned to walk around the table and out the door when something in my back “clicked”. I didn’t lift anything or make any sudden movements, but my spine mis-aligned. It hurt pretty much immediately, but got much worse when I sat down to drive home. I’m not actually sure how I managed the whole 45-minute drive (stupid traffic). A few times I thought of pulling over and calling my mom to pick me up.  A few times tears spilled out of my eyes from the pain… I kept talking myself through the pain and reminding myself that I didn’t want to leave the car at the side of the highway. Luckily, the art teacher and I had also talked about chiropractors, so I text her for the number to hers.

This morning, I called around hoping someone would take my crappy insurance, but no one did. I had made an appointment with the art teacher’s chiro when I called them first thing, with the understanding that I would call shortly to cancel if I found someone who took my insurance. I kept the appointment with the first doc. He was nice enough, and talked a lot to me about a bunch of stuff I can’t really recall at the moment (all related to the injury, but I was in so much pain I have no real clue what he said). He did some tweaking, and I was able to sit in relative comfort on the way home from the appointment. I was told to keep from sitting or laying down too much as it aggravates the injury :/

:sigh: so yeah, I haven’t done much today but sleep from the muscle relaxers and pain meds. I promise, I will take a pic of the journal eventually. I’m guessing I should figure out if I can effectively start my volunteering this weekend, or if I should wait till next weekend. Caring for horses and mucking stalls might not be great for the back.

The journal is still a work in progress, but here is what I accomplished last night:


4 responses to “unintentional spillage (Updated with journal pic)

  • weareonebyruth

    Bummer on the back problems. Hopefully they can do what helps you feel better.

  • manyofus1980

    Sorry you got the back injury, I’ve never had one, but I hear they can be pretty darn painful. What is the journal picture? Sorry am blind so cant see it. XX

    • Samantha Jane

      Thanks. I’m glad you have never hurt your back. I might also be a bit jealous 😉
      The journal pic is a gold & white background surrounded by purple and blue. I thought it kinda looked like a cave (looking out). There are two birds. The one on the right is barely hanging on to the branch and kinda looks like it’s freaking out about something/contemplating flying away from danger. The bird on the right looks defensive and “on alert” to whatever is inside the cave. I kinda picture them as a couple who are freaking out about a threat that’s in their nest with their kids… I dunno. It didn’t start out with such a dark interpretation, but it kinda fits with some stuff that’s going on, so I’m going to go with that meaning for now.

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