My walls are firmly in place around therapy at this point. I’m hoping I’ll be able to take them down next session, but for now they are up.

TM didn’t call today, though I didn’t really expect her to. Whatever it is that is going on was big enough to pull her from work on Tuesday. I didn’t expect her to be back in work mode by Wednesday. She had said she would call, but I think she was overestimating her return.

I hope things turn out ok for her… I really dislike seeing people I care about hurting. I do care about her, and I’m guessing my read on her hurting last Thursday was accurate 😦 I wish I could actively do something to make it better, but the next best thing is giving her time and space without demands. When I left the message saying I’ll “hear from [her] whenever, take [her] time”, I did mean it. I don’t expect her to be thinking about her clients right now, but I hope she knows at least some of us are thinking about her and hoping for things to turn out ok… I don’t know what her emergencies were, but I’m guessing a major illness or death. Both can suck a lot.

In the mean time, I’m occupying myself as best I can. Went out with mom last night to celebrate her victory. Met up with friends for trivia night at the bar tonight, and will be going out tomorrow also. I think I may need a break from socializing for a bit, especially with my first day of volunteering being Sunday. It’ll be working with the horses, but I’ll still need to learn everything.

I’m excited about the art class tomorrow. The journal she posted looks interesting. I think there will be some things I want to bring from home this time. It looks like we will be pasting down a background, and also using stamps. Oh, and I have my own bird cut out I want to use… so, yeah. I’ll be lugging quite a bit of stuff with me to class tomorrow. It looks really cool though. I wish I had the disposable income for more of her classes each month, but it’s just not feasible. It’s so much easier to work with others around though. We get sparked by each other’s conversations and ideas. I know I look to those around me for inspiration often… maybe when I win the lottery, lol.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. Hoping for another easy night, though I won’t be taking benadryl tonight. Hopefully my sleep cycle had right itself.


One response to “Walls

  • gmgoetz

    I am glad to see that you are excited about your art class, and the volunteering with the horses. It is important to have something you like to look forward to. It really helps you in many ways.
    You have much to offer others Samantha, and it is encouraging to see you taking those steps to get involved.
    Looking forward to reading about your experiences, whenever you feel up to writing, and whatever you feel like sharing. Enjoy your day.

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