Getting my feet wet once again

Today I took a leap and went to an orientation session for a new volunteer position.

I’m a bit up in the air about the whole thing… It’s right up my alley (working with farm animals in a therapeutic setting to help facilitate healing), but the prospect of it is also kinda scary.

What if it’s triggering?

What if I creep the horses out?

What if I fail again?

What if I let more people down again?


I’m going to keep doing the training, and see how it goes…


One response to “Getting my feet wet once again

  • gmgoetz

    Samantha, I believe if you set your mind to volunteering with the animals, you will be able to do it well. Think positive about yourself, and see what a difference it will make. Believe in yourself, that you can do this, and you will do it well, because you like animals.
    Looking forward to reading the results whenever you get to it.

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