A new day. Another start. Sitting on the patio watching the fog dissipate with the rising sun. The ducks are wandering around, following each other and swimming and doing duck things. I’m taking this moment to try to center before the bustle of the day gets too-fast underway…
I’ve listened to TM’s voice mail greeting twice already. I can’t bring myself to leave her a message. I don’t want to be one of the first few things she walks back into the office to on Wednesday (and I still have no concept of what to even say).
The pile of orchids are happy to be back outside after their stint indoors for the freezing nights we had last week. They seem to be adapting well to life outdoors, and actually seem to prefer it. Maybe I need to take a page from that book and trying camping for a few days… they say a week in nature without electronics resets the circadian rhythm. Mine is very much off right now, so maybe that would be good. Only I’m not that adept at camping, nor am I confident that I could go the week without my connection to the outside world at this point.
I missed celebrating National Margarita Day again. Oops…


One response to “Morning

  • weareonebyruth

    I used to listen to my counselors voice mail message to help calm me down . I didn’t leave a message either. I would hang up before the beep so nothing would be left. I miss having that as a way to calm down. I couldn’t go a week without electronics. I am running late today because I forgot to set my electronic alarm. Heavy sigh. Maybe it is the not working to an artificial schedule that is the benefit. Hmm I might try that.

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