that “therapist” voice…

This morning I woke up stressing, so I figured I’d call TM’s voice mail just to hear her voice (I do that sometimes when I’m stressing about things. There’s something grounding about hearing a therapist’s voice. It can be calming, but generally only once they feel like “safe” people). Her message was longer than usual because she is out of town this weekend, so I had more to listen to. As the message went on, I realized she has one of those voices – one that just oozes calm. She’s got a “therapist voice”… She could make a guided meditation track, and it would be totally convincing and calming. Heck, she could probably read a recipe for making chocolate chip cookies and it would still sound like a guided meditation, lol! It’s a voice that makes you want to hear her speak all day just so you can listen. Hmm, maybe I need to convince her to record a guided meditation for me…

I’ve been told by a few people that I have a soothing voice. L calls it my “therapist voice”. It generally comes about when I am finding my center to counteract the stress coming at me from my environment. I’m ashamed to admit that I had almost forgotten about that skill. I also never really knew what they could have meant by it until this morning. I knew I spoke differently when trying to reflect calm, but I didn’t really have a concept of what it sounded like to others.

Not all therapists have this kind of voice though. In fact, I’ve only met a small handful of people who can be calming and relaxing simply by speaking (JF, TM, a professor I had in college, and maybe 2 other people)… but now I think I get what L means when she says I sometimes have a “therapist voice.”  I also need to make a concerted effort to find it again. I think it goes hand in hand with my long-lost skill of listening, and of channeling calm. I used to have those skills. I need to find them all again. I’m sure they are here somewhere, but they are lost under the clutter of everything else. I need to dust them off and put them back into practice.


What are your thoughts?

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