Dearest Someone, I’m gunna show you crazy.

This song had me laughing! I know it’s not supposed to be funny, but … well, guess I’m a little crazy 😉
Also check out the blog “Dearest Someone”, just found it tonight and I like it a lot.

Dearest Someone,

Music is a big thing for me – it influences me a lot, down to the point where it affects the way I think, and I can listen to music when I’m in any type of mood. When I was first diagnosed with PTSD I started using Spotify to create playlists – notably one called ‘Lightbulb’ in which I added songs that pretty much summed up how I felt, or helped make me view things from a different perspective.

Nowadays I still listen to Spotify on a daily basis – but I’ve started listening to the playlists made by others. Listening to one of the playlists that includes all the latest hits I stumbled across this song:

(It does include a lot of swearing so be cautious.)

Bebe Rexha – I’m Gunna Show You Crazy

The thing is I know there’s a lot of swearing etc. but the lyrics really…

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