Happy Sunday morning… :/

Woke to a desire to cut and cry my eyes out. Also noticed I only had 5 hours of sleep :/
Hoping coffee and TV helps tame it some.





nope… didn’t help. less than 4 hours later and I’m cooked. is it ok to just be cooked? is it ok to not have any energy for this today? coz I don’t have energy for this today…


2 responses to “Happy Sunday morning… :/

  • gmgoetz

    There is nothing wrong with having a “no energy” day. Sit back, or lay on the couch, or stay in bed a little longer and relax. Days like that are needed at times. Don’t let yourself feel guilty for a “no energy” day now and then.
    Please don’t hurt yourself though. You are important, and have value.
    It is OK to cry. We all need to let ourselves cry at times also. Hope taking it easy helps you today Samantha, and you see goodness in yourself, and tomorrow is a great day. Looking forward to hear how you do progress.

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