Since the flashbacks kicked in again, my head has been in a fog. I’ve been trying to ground. I worked a bit more on the horse, but I kept getting stalled. I tried to visit my usual online support forums, but it felt (and still feels) impossible to think or comprehend anything. I read things, but they don’t penetrate.
Spoke with a friend for a long time today (both of us suck on the phone, but we know that about each other). I think that was actually the longest conversation I’ve had with her in the 13 years I’ve known her… it was good, but I was so disconnected. I think we made plans for her to visit soon, but I’m not sure. It would be cool if she came. I miss her a lot…
The flashbacks were still strong, so I decided to take other friends up on the offer to meet for drinks. I felt bad because I was so distant… I don’t mean to be such a drag.
Anyway. Thank you everyone for your comments. I’m sorry I’m not in a space to be able to respond to them in any meaningful way at the moment. Hoping sleep will help.
Peace. Pieces. Peace.


One response to “Fog

  • manyofus1980

    I hope you manage to sleep a little bit. It might make the flashbacks lessen. I hope it will. They are awful to be dealing with. XX

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