Different treatments for depression with different origins

I came across an interesting article on the differences in treatment efficacy for depressed individuals with trauma history vs. ones without a trauma history. The article suggests that an early trauma history lends itself to a better response to CBT and talk therapy, whereas depression without an early trauma history responds better to medication (thought to be because of trauma’s impact on hippocampal development)… this would make sense when depression is thought of as an “allergic reaction” to certain situations. If depression is something like a fever (generic healing response which kicks in for several stimuli), then it would make sense that different reasons for depression need different treatment options. This is definitely something I’d like to look into further. I hope they do more research on both of these topics. I hope it also stimulates more reasearch about treatment efficacy for other mental illness. I keep hearing professionals claim they understand one treatment does not fit everyone, but I have yet to experience that open-mindedness. SO much of treatment is dictated by insurance and “empirically proven treatment models”, yet they ignore that not everyone responds to it the same way.

One fear I have around this research is that they will categorize people in one of two ways: either those that can be treated with meds, or those that can be treated with therapy. I would hate to see them again restrict treatment options based solely on this. The one thing we know about mental health is that we know VERY little about it.


2 responses to “Different treatments for depression with different origins

  • gmgoetz

    Each person is an individual and unique. Therefore, my belief is that each person with a challenge should be considered as an individual. By this I mean individual testing and talking / listening to discover the correct method of treatment. It is not a case of one or two cookie cutter treatments to fix all. Minds, spirits, bodies are different, and arrived at their personal situation due to different situations and experiences in lives.

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