Brain mush

Haven’t been sleeping too well lately. The result is my brain feeling like day-old oatmeal that solidified in the fridge… totally useless.

I’m still waiting for a call from the agency about a new therapist. I’m antsy about it and trying to decide if I should bug them or not.  It’s been three weeks, but two of those were holiday weeks. I’m not in crisis, but I’m stressing. I’d prefer to have someone to talk to about it. I’m wondering if I should call the agency through which I saw De. A therapist through there might be more helpful with the flashbacks (at least more experienced with that kind of stuff), though their waiting list was 6 months long at the point I switched to TL… I dunno. I guess I can wait through the end of this week and call them next week if I still have not heard.

Been stalled in my art also. I go through points of being really productive followed by huge dry spells. Maybe if I had a specific style or go-to type of art I would be more consistently productive. I dabble in all sorts of things, but don’t do any of it particularly well or consistently. There’s just not anything which speaks to me that strongly.


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