Weird dream

Had a weird dream, but I don’t remember what it was. Even the understanding of knowing it was a weird dream is fading. The harder I try to pinpoint what it was about, the faster it slips away. It’s leaving me with a weird feeling though. I wish I knew how to describe it. I usually call it “post-weird-dream weirdness” (very descriptive, I know). Maybe it’s a feeling of still being partially in the dream; as if my my body were still there at the same time it’s here? That’s not really it either.
I’m not sure. Anyone else ever have a weird feeling after dreaming? Can you pin down what it is? Do you know how to describe it?

On another note; I had found the blog from the summer when TL had finally called for the first time. I was struggling a lot back then (more so then this time) and I was so relieved that she had called… while I’m not as desperate as I was then, I still wish the next new therapist would call. I know, I’m probably too reliant on therapy right now, but I also know it’s not a permanent thing. I’m just a bit lost. I could use the support. When I can figure out how to get back to a meaningful life, it won’t matter as much.

I think I remember part of the weird dream… I think it was… gone again. Oh well…


One response to “Weird dream

  • plf1990

    Oh I know that feeling so well! It’s like trying to catch something in water, the harder you try, the further it slips away from you! Hope the new therapist rings soon x

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