Art idea and Elise’s blog

A friend from college did this activity with her son. I think it can work well for adults too… it’s a good reminder that we are not our poor choices. I would probably use the shredded old script in an art piece that represents strengths. Hmm, there’s an art journal class coming up this week doing a page on 5 of our strengths. If I write out and shred the “old script” before the class, I can use it in the piece. I’m a believer that even the more negative things in our lives can be used as foundation for the positives. The cutting and dissociation got me through a lot. The breakdowns allowed me to look at some ickier stuff from the past that I was not facing. The isolation helped me understand that sometimes people need others to reach out to them, even if they are pulling away…
I guess keep an eye out for Friday’s post. It might be a follow-up to this.


What are your thoughts?

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