Merry Christmas (the happier post)

After crying all day yesterday, I made the executive decision to relax with a drink (knowing full well L would be frustrated, but I didn’t plan on telling her). I needed the mental break. As much as alcohol can be a depressant, it can also be an effective coping skill when used in moderation. It also allowed me to sleep (which definitely doesn’t happen if I have too much). The break in heavy thoughts and the rest are allowing today to be lighter. I’m smiling for the first time all week…

As De (and many other therapists before and after her) had mentioned last year, and two followers mentioned today, I need to make today my own. It’s just a day, and there’s nothing holding me to the traditional celebrations. I’m planning on venturing out to the beach before it gets too late. I may take art supplies and try to draw or paint there. It’s a relaxing place 90% of the time, so why not try to use it today? I will be back in time for dinner with mom; that’s all she really asks on holidays (well, outside of helping with the dogs)…

What will you be doing today to make it your own?


What are your thoughts?

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