Little lies…

You ever flat-out lie to your therapist? I just did, and I think she knew I was lying. It’s not a huge lie, but I didn’t feel like crying, so when she asked how things were just a few ago, I told her they were alright… like I said, didn’t feel like crying. She didn’t sound like she believed me, but she didn’t push it.
On the plus side, my confusion over scheduling this weekend got me the opportunity to grab an earlier appointment for tomorrow instead of Saturday. That means on Saturday I can help out at a reptile event if they still need the hands (I desperately need the distraction)…

I also have figured out I need a Sugar Momma (or Daddy) to pay for my tattoos… need. more. now. (And the ones I really want are all going to be several hundred dollars each – rainforest sleeve on my right arm to cover scaring, space or koi sleeve on the left because I like balance, touch-ups on all current ink, with cover-ups for at least 2, grover squishing a heart on my left ribcage, Kermit and Gonzo on my feet, the back piece I have in mind, Dotty on the right ribcage, the cover-up of the scars on my leg, a traditional black panther on the back of my left leg, a traditional tiger on the back of the right… the list goes on, but I won’t bore you with it. However, I will take applications for the position of Sugar Momma (or Daddy), lol.


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