Heavy session

So, met with TL today. I was super anxious going in because of all the stuff that had come up in the past week and more specifically, this morning. I knew I needed to address it, but I still wanted to cover the art journal. Luckily, some of the journal stuff overlapped.
We talked about more s.a. stuff. I can definitely tell TL doesn’t have that much experience with it, but she was still really good about it. She asked if it was ok to talk about, or if it made things worse. For me, while it makes things worse in the moment, it’s also really healing. It was a relief to not be carrying it alone again. Don’t get me wrong, it was incredibly uncomfortable and triggering to talk about, but I walked out feeling relief. There’s something in the telling that takes some of the power away. It was a similar experience with De the times I was able to talk more in-depth about things.
TL was also really good about allowing me to question some memories and simply hold them as questions. She didn’t do her normal challenging (except on one thing, but she let up fairly easily as I explained my reasoning. She was ok with me letting the challenge simply sink in, and not having to acknowledge any truth to it right then and there)…
We didn’t cover more than the two body memory pictures, but that’s ok. It was a lot to cover.
I think I still need to ask her how she feels about covering this stuff and about possibly going into more details. I don’t want to break her like I broke De…


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